November Decorations--Give Thanks

I was super excited for November to come this year so I could try out my new Thanksgiving decorations. I still don’t have a TON, but fortunately, a few things from October could be re-used since they were more “fall” than “Halloween”.

My cute sister-in-law Brittany called me a week or so ago because she bought an extra Thanksgiving craft from The Wood Connection and wanted to know if I wanted to come make it with her. We had a ton of fun making our cute turkeys together, and now I have one more thing to add to my meager collection of Thanksgiving decorations.

Even though I don't have a lot, I still feel mighty festive!

The entire bookcase
The charger I made for November

These blocks were too big to fit in one square, so I had to split them up...

Recycled pumpkin from October and cute Thanksgiving sign

Reused "FALL" letters from October

The cute turkey that I made with Brittany!

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