Halloween 2011

Ok, so I know Halloween is SOOOO passé now (since it WAS more than two weeks ago), but I had to update for posterity’s sake…and also because my kids had the coolest costumes this year.

We had gone back and forth about what Kyle wanted to be for Halloween. His dominant request? A Power Ranger. I was less than happy about that choice, so we tried to encourage him to choose something different. After a few different ideas (including Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales and an M&M) we finally settled on something we could agree on:

Kyle absolutely LOVES playing Angry Birds, so this was a winning choice. Wanting to stick with the theme, we decided Lucas would be the king pig. Thank goodness for my super awesome mother, who whipped these costumes up (without a pattern, BTW) in less than a week.

Kyle knew he was the shiz and strutted around proudly; Lucas was less-than-thrilled with the costume, but we made it work.

Saturday the 29th our ward had its annual Trunk-or-Treat at the church, so the boys got a test run for their costumes.

SIDE NOTE: Regrettably, we were S-T-U-P-I-D and forgot to take our camera and my parents’ camera mysteriously ate the pictures they took, so all we have are these pictures of questionable quality from Cole’s phone.

Monday the 31st we headed into Sandy to trick-or-treat in Grandma/Gammy’s neighborhood. My mom helped me take the kids around, and I have to say, we had a lot more fun than they did. Lucas wasn’t allowed to get out of the stroller, mostly because he couldn’t walk very well in his costume and it’s nice to prevent injuries whenever possible. We also took a stroller for Kyle in case he got tired from all of the walking. After about two streets, Kyle was fairly reluctant to get out of the stroller at all and asked me, “Are we done yet?”

After trick-or-treating we headed to Gammy’s house to show off the costumes and to claim her annual “grandchild goody bag,” which is always quite spectacular. We hung out for a little while then called it a night.

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Mindy said...

Those costumes are great!! Wow tell your mom good job!

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