First Snow of 2011

Usually I absolutely DREAD the first snowstorm of the year. My biggest (and only, really) complaint with living in Utah is the virtual non-existence of Spring and Fall, which happen to be my two favorite seasons. Instead, we get a transition from WINTER-ICE-COLD-FREEZE-YOUR-EXTREMITIES-OFF to SUMMER-HOT-MELTING-PERPETUAL-GIANT-POOL-OF-SWEAT. Winter extends from September to May at times, followed quickly by a meteoric jump in temperatures and sweltering heat until the cycle begins again.
However, this year, we enjoyed a most spectacular fall with beautiful cool weather. So, when the first major snow fell on Nov. 5, I can honestly say I was excited about it.

Cole and Kyle, of course, were over the moon. Kyle has loved playing in the snow ever since he was barely 1, so when Cole went out to shovel our driveway, Kyle was hot on his heels.

This kid would live outside in the snow if I let him

Last year, Lucas was too little to go outside, so I decided to bundle him up and give him his first taste of winter.

All the boys hanging out in the snow

He is truly my son, because he was less-than-thrilled about it.

He's sitting REALLY still here...perhaps he's hoping that someone will take him inside

He wasn’t used to walking in all of the bulky snow gear, so he fell over a lot. Plus, he’s not a fan of anything cold (he refuses to eat popsicles and ice cream), so overall, the snow didn’t really leave a great impression on him.

He couldn't even stay vertical when he was sitting down...

That’s ok, though. I could use a buddy to sit inside with and drink hot chocolate.

Still, he makes a cute little snow-buddy!

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