Why I Wouldn't Hate...

having another boy...

I've had several people ask me if this baby is a girl lately (I guess I look large enough to be midterm). I've spent a lot of time thinking about what gender I "want" this baby to be. After having two high-energy, messy, loud, destructive boys, sometimes it seems like having a girl would be a much-needed break (although, with my luck, she'd end up being a tomboy). However, I've found there are many reasons that I'd actually want to have a third boy.

1) No need to buy new clothes. I have boxes and boxes of little boy clothes in every size for both seasons (since Kyle was born in winter and Lucas was born in summer). HUGE money saver!

2) I know how to deal with "boy" drama. We had a family get-together at my in-laws' last night, and I observed how different "girl" drama is from "boy" drama. It's not necessarily any more dramatic--I just know how to handle a dramatic boy and I have NO CLUE how to handle a dramatic girl.

3)I don't have to wake up earlier to get places on time. I'm already chronically late (church is the worst, BTW), and I have a hard enough time getting myself ready. Boys are pretty much wash-and-go, which leaves me plenty of time to take care of myselfe. Cole and I have already vowed that if we ever do have a girl she will always be fully decked out. In order for me to accomplish that, I'll have to plan more preparation time...which generally means less sleep in the morning. And I'd be totally insane to want to sleep LESS.

(These are all tongue-in-cheek, in case you couldn't tell. If this baby is a girl, it will seriously be no trouble at all making the adjustment.)

On a more serious note, this is something I have been REALLY thinking about lately. It seems to me that people I know (both close friends and distant acquaintances), especially members of the church, have been having a disproportionate number of boys lately. I wondered if this was just random chance of if there was actually a greater explanation.


It's no secret that we live in the latter days. We all know what kinds of prophecies will be fulfilled, quite possibly in our lifetime. I am personally of the belief that the Second Coming of our Savior is a lot closer than we expect. Before that, the gospel will be spread to all kingdoms and nations of the earth. This is going to take a SUBSTANTIAL missionary force. I fully believe that the surge of little boys being sent to this earth is in preparation for that need for missionaries.

When I think about these boys and the responsibilities they will face, I'm reminded that it is my responsibility as their mother to train them up in the way they should go. It is my job to teach them the gospel and prepare them to serve the Lord. It's so humbling to me to think about the important role I have in the future of the church.

This is why I wouldn't mind having another boy. I would love the sacred opportunity to prepare another one of Heavenly Father's choice spirits for service in His kingdom. I only hope that one day, my sons can look back and say of me, like the stripling warriors in The Book of Mormon, "We do not doubt our [mother] knew it."

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