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So, I was blog-stalking on my phone the other night before falling asleep when I came across a post that particularly caught my interest. The weird thing? I don't think it would have done so even as recently as a couple of weeks ago.  What was this post about, you ask?


I have friends and family members who have made the switch and have loved it, but every time I've heard about their successes, I've always thought, "Yeah, that's just not for me. Plus, there's no way I could get Cole to do it." So, it surprised me when I actually took some interest in this blog post. It surprised me even more when Cole peeked at what I was reading and told me he'd be on board if we switched to cloth diapers. Um, WHAT?

So, what I'm asking for now is any advice, recommendations, warnings, etc. from anyone who has tried cloth diapering, even if they've hated it. I'd love to know what has worked, what hasn't, what kind of supply we'd need for a toddler and a newborn (in March), what the starting costs are, if there are any deals or discounts offered...basically, I know nothing.

Thanks for your help!


Amy said...

Okay, so I totally jumped on board the cloth diapering train and stuck with it for about five months. I have to say that it wasn't at all awful as far as washing goes. Totally doable. Not to mention that cloth diapers are a thousand times cuter than disposables.

So we didn't stop using them because they were too time consuming or difficult or inconvenient or whatever. I totally think that you can get over all of those issues.

Our issues were 1) it cost too much money to make it worth it. People (and several of my super close friends) swear that it saves money, but that just wasn't our case. It cost enough extra money in the electricity and water that we were only saving two or three dollars a month over disposables. for such a small difference, I'll take the convenience. As a disclaimer, though, Kaleigh is an exceptional... well, she has exceptional bowel movements :) I'm talking four or five poopy diapers per day. That could definitely be the reason for the extra money in washing over our friends (in the same area, with the same electricity rates).

The second reason we quit was that it gave Kaleigh red bum that I. Could. Not. Get. Rid. Of. Again, I have friends who will say the complete opposite: that cloth diapers cleared up stubborn diaper rashes, but that just wasn't the case for Kaleigh. And believe me, I tried everything. Six different detergents (all specific to cloth diapering), up to five rinses per diaper load (also possible explanation for the higher monthly prices?). EVERYTHING.

So, in the end, it wasn't worth not saving enough money to give my daughter a sore bum. You know?

It is important to note, though, that I didn't sell our cloth diapers because I'm anxious to try again with our next child to see if there are better results.

I'm just a huge believer that every kid is different. I would totally recommend borrowing some diapers to try out from somebody for a month (there are enough people who do it that I could guarantee you could find some to use for awhile) to make sure that it works for you within the limits that you want to do it. Does that make sense? Make sure that it works for your kid and for you and that there aren't any unexpected costs. We laid down about 200 dollars for ours and there was no way we were making that money back by the time Kaleigh was out of diapers.

And that's my two cents :)

Melinda said...

Never tried it, never wanted to. I give complete applause to anyone who does though. So although I have no experience or advice I thought I'd let you know that there is a girl in our ward who makes her own cloth diapers. You know those cute ones with a cover and snaps and everything. I could probably get the info if you wanted to try to make them (or have your mom). I don't know how much cheaper it would be but I thought I'd throw it out there. Good luck!

that's what she said...

hmmm...first of all, let me say this. you have to do it for the right reasons or it totally won't be worth it to you. it is extra work. some people do it for the planet, some bc they're cuter, and others to save money (me). I actually left a big old comment on your sister in law's (?) blog answering some questions she had. I bought mine used off a site called diaperswappers.com. My absolute FAVORITE diapers are the bumgenius elementals. They're all in one (you lay it under them, and snap the sides closed-no stuffing, nothing. And they fit from 8 lbs all the way to 35 lbs. If you like a trimmer fit for when they're younger without the extra bulk, i've had good experiences with the gdiapers. don't buy your diapers new-you'll sink a lot of money into them that you don't have to. and then if you decide it's not for you, you can pretty much break even selling them. When I was first getting started-this post helped a lot (http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/08/the-much-requested-cloth-diaper-post/). Those are the diapers that are my favorite on there. One caution I'll give you from my personal experience, I do disposables at night to give their bums a break from cloth all the time-that's also when I do diaper creams, etc bc they'll stain cloth diapers. And trying to cloth diaper during the 1st trimester, if you're anything like what I was like-super sense of smell and everything makes you gag, just go with disposables for those few months. Totally not worth the stench. ;) Other than that, I love them. And I love that they paid for themselves the first year and I'm basically diapering for FREE from there on out. Which is just bonus spending money for me for not a lot of effort. :)

Mrs. Jaybird said...

I tried CD with Ellie, but it was becoming pretty time-consuming and a lot of effort. I was having a hard time recovering from my surgery and decided I didn't need to do more laundry. Now, I wish I would go back because she's such a light wetter. But, at the same time, we only spend about $30 every 5-6 weeks on disposables and she still wears size 2's. It's really pretty cheap, and seeing as two cloth diapers would cost about as much as a box of disposables, I don't see it as being worth it, especially if she potty-trains by 19 months like Copeland did. So we're stickin' it to disposables. Honestly, I'm totally fine with it. Maybe when we have buttloads of extra money and get a foster child (or hopefully adopt a baby!) I'll cloth diaper. But for now, disposables are JUST FINE for me!

Brittany said...

We have been cloth diapering Jack for a month now. It cost us upfront $250 dollars for 16 diapers. I used the extra money I've been making babysitting and 16 diapers gets us through the week no prob. I also bought some super absorbent bamboo liners that are great for heavy wetters and at night. Chris LOVES it (just ask him). In the long run we are saving a lot of money and it has cleared up Jack's bum rash and blow out problems we were having with him. We chose Fuzzi Bunz because they were having a promo where you buy 6 get two free. So we got 4 diapers for free :) we did it for several reasons and have been pleased and very happy with the results and ease. No scooping poop here either, Mr Jack is so happy now and never wets through his diapers anymore! We use a drying rack we got from BB&B and a Stainless Steel trash cash with a wet bag insert for when the diapers are dirty. Come over :)

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