Advice From the Experts, Please

So, I was blog-stalking on my phone the other night before falling asleep when I came across a post that particularly caught my interest. The weird thing? I don't think it would have done so even as recently as a couple of weeks ago.  What was this post about, you ask?


I have friends and family members who have made the switch and have loved it, but every time I've heard about their successes, I've always thought, "Yeah, that's just not for me. Plus, there's no way I could get Cole to do it." So, it surprised me when I actually took some interest in this blog post. It surprised me even more when Cole peeked at what I was reading and told me he'd be on board if we switched to cloth diapers. Um, WHAT?

So, what I'm asking for now is any advice, recommendations, warnings, etc. from anyone who has tried cloth diapering, even if they've hated it. I'd love to know what has worked, what hasn't, what kind of supply we'd need for a toddler and a newborn (in March), what the starting costs are, if there are any deals or discounts offered...basically, I know nothing.

Thanks for your help!


First Trimester Thoughts, take 3

Ugh. I'm so ready for this trimester to be over. That about sums it up.

I'll "officially" be out of the first trimester somewhere between tomorrow and Friday*, and I'm hoping and praying I'll bounce back, like I did with my other two pregnancies (but I'm also not holding my breath).

*Okay, explanation here. My LMP started Wednesday, June 22, which would make me 13 weeks tomorrow. However, when I went to my doctor the first time, he calculated my due date as being two days LATER than 40 weeks after my LMP. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe I just look like I should be pregnant for 40w2d. So, I vacillate between Wednesday and Friday as my week-milestone day.

So, a little explanation about how this pregnancy came to pass (besides the OBVIOUS, because I'm sure no one needs/wants that information!).  My body was INCREDIBLY efficient at keeping me infertile while I was nursing. I stopped taking hormonal birth control in April because I didn't like what it was doing to my body, and I started practicing more of the FAM (fertility awareness method). Anyway, I knew that I was not ovulating (most likely due to the nursing), and so I didn't worry about getting pregnant. Then, Lucas turned 1 at the end of June, we celebrated our 5th anniversary, we celebrated the 4th of July--we basically were really busy and I may or may not have forgotten to chart my BBT for a week or so. I wasn't too worried, because everything I had read or seen indicated that a woman's return to fertility after experiencing nursing amenorrhea was a gradual thing--sometimes taking months or even a year or more. I figured I was still relatively safe. After everything normalized and we returned to our daily schedules, I resumed charting my BBT. Then, about halfway through July, I looked at my chart and realized it had a distinct pattern that I hadn't seen since before I got pregnant with Lucas (for those of you unfamiliar with BBT charting, a biphasic pattern indicates ovulation and a "normal" menstrual cycle. No pattern indicates an anovulatory cycle). And, the day before I ovulated, well...let's just say the damage had been done. I was floored. Apparently my fertility came back full-force in 1 MONTH. I freaked a little bit, because we weren't even going to THINK about another baby for at least six months, and here I was, most likely pregnant. Cole was remarkably calm when I told him, and we figured it was obviously supposed to happen this way. Sure enough, the hpts I took at 15 and 16 DPO were positive. Ergo, baby on board.

Anyway, here are my observations about this pregnancy so far:

--I feel gross. It's not always necessarily nausea, although that is definitely there. I just don't feel like eating ANYTHING. Nothing sounds appetizing. I honestly have to force myself to eat. My poor family has suffered, because when Mommy doesn't want to eat, Mommy doesn't want to cook. That means we've had a lot of fast food, mac and cheese, cereal, and "fend-for-yourself" kinds of dinners. I'm starting to get a little better, and I sincerely hope it goes away this week as my first trimester ends.

--Sugar makes me queasy. Sometimes, I think that I want chocolate, but every time I actually eat some, I regret it big time.

--The combination of the above two have resulted in my losing 3 pounds so far in this pregnancy. I've NEVER lost weight in a pregnancy before. While I'm not necessarily "happy" about it, I'm also not disappointed. I actually started this pregnancy 15 pounds heavier than I was before Lucas (I was not a lucky weight-losing nursing mom. I was an unlucky weight-gaining nursing mom).

--I'm TIRED. I'm sure it has to do with chasing two kiddos around and trying to grow a baby, but still. I get tired so easily right now. I can basically do one big thing a day, and then I'm pretty much worthless for the rest of the day.

--I'm BLOATED. At least, I hope that's what it is. I've seriously been "showing" for 5 weeks now--I had to bust out the maternity pants at 8 weeks. DEFINITELY a change from the last pregnancy, when I didn't really show until 14 or 15 weeks.

--My hair and nails look awesome. Usually my nails go through a cycle: grow out and look good, one breaks, so I cut them all short because I can't stand them to be different lengths. I haven't broken a nail in WEEKS, and they look really pretty. My hair is shinier and looks nice (when I actually drum up the energy to do something with it besides a ponytail).

--I have acne like a 13-year-old. I have been pretty fortunate to have pretty clear skin my whole life. Now, I'm getting all of the zits that I never got as a teenager.

--No cravings. Remember--all food sounds gross to me. However, when I eat fruits, it really hits the spot. My visiting teacher brought me some HUGE peaches from her tree, and they were fantastic.

--I cry. A lot. At everything. At Primary songs. At commercials. I'm basically a big, weepy baby.

--Kyle thinks this baby is a girl. He already talks about his "baby sister" in my tummy. I've tried to explain to him that it could be a boy, but he always tells me, "no, Mom, it's a sister, because I already have a brother." It could be wishful thinking on his part, because we told him if it's a boy he'll have to share his toys with both Lucas and this boy--I guess he didn't like that idea.

--I think this baby is a boy. That could be me trying not to get my hopes up, because I would REALLY love to have a girl. But, another boy would be great too. I already know how to handle boys, and I have a LOT of baby boy stuff. We MAY be able to find out the gender at my next appointment. It won't be my OFFICIAL midterm ultrasound because I'll only be about 17 weeks, but my doctor told us we could take a peek and, if the baby cooperates, find out the sex early. We were able to find out with Lucas at about that point in my pregnancy, too. That's one reason that I really like my doctor. :)

Anyway, even though I feel pretty rotten most days, I'm so grateful for this little life that's growing inside me. I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time at my appointment yesterday, and it was so calming and reassuring. It's so nice to know that everything is okay.

And there's all that you need to know (and probably more than you wanted to know) about me right now. Cole is currently working on a few posts documenting his trip to Texas, and I'm hoping to get a post up about Kyle's trip to Disneyland with Grandma and Papa. Hopefully we'll get those up soon so we don't have another 3-week lapse in blogging.
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