Why I Lack Motivation...

for blogging, that is.

Have you ever noticed that during the summer blogging frequency decreases, even though there's MORE to blog about? I think this happens for several reasons:

1) You're too busy with vacations, activities, parties, etc. to have time to blog

2) If you HAVE extra time to blog, you'd rather spend it doing something outside before the nice weather goes the way of all the earth (which, let's face it, could be at any given time...at least, in UT)

3) You're so exhausted from all of your activities that there is little, if any, energy to be cute and captivating in a blog

4) You're too busy having fun to take any pictures...and who wants to read a blog without pictures? (okay, maybe that's just us. Everyone else seems to have little trouble taking pictures)

Additionally, my blogging motivation comes in spurts. As one can probably assume, two weeks ago I had a fire in my belly. I intended to do a series of posts about different parts of my parenting philosophy (in fact, there are drafts for about 5 posts currently saved in my posts list). Then, complete apathy hit. Okay, I wouldn't call it apathy as much as misplaced inspiration. Suddenly, those posts didn't seem like such a good idea, and my motivation fizzled out. I'll probably return to that idea sometime in the future when the inspiration returns. This is another explanation for the dearth of posts on my blog.

There are several other reasons for my lack of blogging, described in no particular order:

1) I've become hopelessly addicted to this show:

I've been catching up on the third season (thank you, hulu plus!) so I'm up to date when the fourth season starts next month. I only have two more episodes left before the wait begins.

1.5) Cole and I also harbor addictions for pretty much any show with Gordon Ramsay. Hell's Kitchen is currently our favorite, and Kyle can be heard yelling, "Shut it down!" a la Chef Ramsay at any given moment.

I also enjoy Bachelor Pad (and even though he'll deny it vehemently, Cole gets a kick out of it as well). It sufficiently fills my drama quota.

2) Cole went to Texas with his younger brother a couple of weeks ago, so I got to experience single parent-hood for a few days. Let's just say I'm extremely glad I have someone to tag in when the kids get taxing. I didn't really have a lot of spare time to myself in those few days he was gone, and I MIGHT have been a few bricks shy by the time he got back.

3) In the midst of Cole's trip and after his return, we were hit with a pretty nasty stomach bug. Lucas is actually still experiencing its effects two weeks later. After being thrown up on one too many times, he and I took a trip to the Instacare on Sunday night.

4) Cole started classes again last week. He's really excited about his classes, and I think he's going to take them all by storm this semester.

5) I took a trip to the doctor a few weeks ago and discovered I had developed a rather serious medical condition:
Okay, this is not actually our munchkin...but I couldn't find our ultrasound pic and this is about what ours looked like anyway.
We are expecting our third child near the end of March! It was a little bit of a surprise, but we're definitely excited! Lucas and this baby will be 21 months apart, which is a bit closer than we originally planned, but I know it will turn out just fine. Better women than I have had children that close (or closer!) together and have fared just fine.

I've been a little sick this time around, but it's been less like morning sickness and more like my normal body reactions are just accentuated (i.e. things that made me sick before my pregnancy just make me MORE so now). I've also had a really hard time finding things that sound appetizing, so I have to force myself to eat sometimes.

I've also been more tired this time around. I'm sure this is a combination of the pregnancy and having two very active boys (one of which is still pretty dependent on me a lot of the time).

One thing that's been different? I haven't sliced open any appendages or fainted (two things that have happened with both of my previous pregnancies--here is the story from Lucas' pregnancy). I think Cole has been grateful for that.

Anyway, that's why my blogging has been sparse lately.


Amy said...

Oh my! Congratulations! What exciting news and super good reason to lack motivation. I think you feel a little different because it's a GIRL!

Also, Jeff and I are also ashamedly addicted to Bachelor Pad. I love to hate Vienna and Kasey.

Emily said...


Brittany said...

Thanks for the good read :) I needed it! Muah! Love ya! Can't wait to find out what's instore for the Christensen Clan! I'm not going to jinx you by guessing what I think it could be ;) (and honestly I have no-idea)

<3 B

Brenda Sue said...

Congratulations!!! I will keep my fingers crosed for a girl!

that's what she said...

i have to confess, i skipped down to the bottom of this post looking for an ultrasound picture. i was going to be completely bummed if there hadn't been one. but anyway, CONGRATS!!! My boys are 20 months apart and I lovelovelove it! It's a bit of work but they are two peas in a pod. hope the first trimester flies by for you and you can get back to feeling better-ish. ;)

The Bradys said...

Congrats Jessica! I think March is a great time to have a baby. My third was a March baby and it was sooo nice to get out and about without worrying too much about germs. I am so excited for you guys and hoping the pregnancy continues to go well for you!

Mrs. Jaybird said...

YAY good for you guys! I am exactly 1 year and 1 week apart from my sister and it is AWESOME. We were never bored and had a playmate all the time (when we weren't rivalling, of course). Good for you guys! Congratulations!

Mrs. Jaybird said...

Oh. And surprises are the best :) We have two of them! Although we won't get any more, surprises are my favorite.

Rachelle said...

Congrats, you guys! So exciting!

Rachelle and Joel

Devri said...

Congrats!!!! That is awesome. I loved your "I developed a serious stomach condition" or whatever it was. So funny!

Giulia said...

Multiple things to comment on, but first off CONGRATS!!!! Also, I am ADDICTED to Castle. It is amazing. I can not wait for it to come back!! And also, I need your email address please (you can email it to me, giulia.longo1@gmail.com)!! Hope you are all well!

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