What I Made Monday

My ward had a Relief Society craft night last Tuesday, and I signed up to make a few things.

Now, I'm not really a crafty person by nature. But, if someone provides me with the materials and the instructions, I'm totally a fan! So, this craft night was right up my alley. My mom and sister came with me, which turned out to be a really good thing because I would have been crafting at the church until midnight if they weren't there to help me. That's what I get for signing up for too many projects.

First up: family blocks. I was also supposed to sand the blocks and rub stain on/off, but that was a little outside of my skill level. :) I still might sand the blocks a little bit to give them a more worn look.

Even though these will be outdated as soon as we have another child, I figure I can turn the ones that don't apply to face backward...or get new vinyl letters cut for them.
 Next: cutesy wall hanging. I can't really take credit for this one, because my mom made the entire thing. I still really like it, though, and it'll bring some life to my kitchen.

Last, my personal favorite: Bless This Home With the Music of Laughter blocks. Perfect for sitting on my piano. 

I'm super excited to have more cute things for decorating my house!


[D & A Hale] said...

So cute, i love them all! Good job!

Devri said...

Yay! Nice work.

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