Lucas' Birthday Party and Cars 2

Ok...so my friend Danielle called all her blogger friends out for not blogging enough...guilty as charged--especially since I promised to blog about all of the stuff we've been up to. My bad.
So anyway, on Saturday, June 25, we had Lucas' first birthday party. I'm not really one to have a big fancy shin-dig for several reasons:

1) I'm lazy
2) I lack the creativity to plan and execute a cutely-themed party
3) Lucas is too young to care anyway

so we kept it pretty simple. We went to McDonald's for lunch and took my family to see Cars 2. For those of you keeping track, yes, we went to McDonald's twice in one week. Hey, the kid likes chicken nuggets; what can I say?

We all really enjoyed the movie, even if I did have to stand the whole time bouncing Lucas (FYI, I wasn't the only parent bouncing a baby/toddler in the alcoves, so I didn't feel too bad).

After the movie, we headed to my parent's house to have cake and open presents.

This was the extent of our party decorations: a sign...
and some streamers that Cole and Kyle piled on top of Lucas. Note that Lucas' romper says "lil' cake monster." This proved to be extremely accurate.
Even though our decorating skills left much to be desired, I made a pretty awesome cake and cupcakes. I got the recipe from here and they turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself. :)

Lucas' 4-inch personal birthday cake
The inside of Lucas' cake
The cupcakes
and...the cupcakes' insides
We got Lucas strapped into the high chair and let him at his birthday cake. Unlike his older brother, who had a tantrum of epic proportions (as seen here), Lucas double-fisted his cake and made short work of it.

Lucas' first look at his cake...wondering if we're actually going to let him tear into it
Stuffing face
All that was left after Lucas was finished
After we enjoyed our cupcakes, we scrubbed Lucas down and started in on the presents. Lucas wasn't super excited about tearing the paper off. Luckily, he has an older brother who would open presents for a living if he could, so Kyle offered his services.

You can tell from Lucas' expression how excited he was about opening presents.
One of the toys Mommy and Daddy got for Lucas: a shape-sorter house (we love IKEA).
Truck from Uncle Chris and Aunt Brittany--it makes truck sounds and shakes!
Little People zoo (also from Mommy and Daddy)
Present from Grandma Great--he can sit and ride on it...
or stand and push it around.
Kyle "sharing" Lucas' wooden train and tracks (also from Mommy and Daddy, courtesy of IKEA)
Lucas sure is one spoiled boy! In addition to all of the stuff in the pictures, he got summer pajamas from Grandma & Papa and Uncle Chris & Aunt Brittany, two pairs of shoes from Grandma & Papa, two outfits from Mommy and Daddy, and this little winner from Grandma & Papa (I wish we would have gotten pictures or video--this was easily his favorite present of them all).

We're so grateful for all of the family that loves Lucas so much!

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