Fish, Penguins, and Chicken Nuggets

I'm going to forgo Wordless Wednesday this week because I have approximately a billion posts to write about our super busy couple of weeks. However, to prevent information overload and to heighten anticipation, I'll only blog about one event per day, m'kay?

So, to start: Lucas' first birthday was Thursday, June 23. Cole decided to take off work so we could do something fun for the day just as a family. We decided to take our very first trip to The Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy.

A friendly tortoise that swam by while we were looking in his tank
We had a lot of fun! Lucas was, actually, fairly unresponsive to the fish (he had fallen asleep in the car, so I think he was pretty groggy), but Kyle had a blast! His favorites were the penguins and the jellyfish that "changed colors" (they don't actually change colors, but the light in their tank does). Cole really enjoyed the section they had of South American insects and reptiles--it reminded him of being in Brazil (and eww, gross, they had some of the nastiest cockroaches!). I was amazed and slightly disgusted at the sight of the octopus--watching it move was surreal. I also really enjoyed watching Kyle try to pet the stingray. :)

He couldn't really reach all the way into the water to pet them as they swam by, but one of the stingrays kind of "climbed" up the side of the pool (that's the only way I can describe it) and he was able to pet one. He may or may not have shrieked the first time. We all took a turn petting the stingrays--even Lucas got a hand on one (he was less than impressed). FYI, stingrays are a lot more slimy than they appear.

Kyle was so excited. He kept saying, "This is AWESOME!"

This was Lucas' face pretty much the whole time. He did like hanging out in the sling, though.

Kyle standing by a penguin--his favorite part of the aquarium
After we'd had our fill of fish, we headed over to McDonalds for lunch--Lucas loves him some chicken nuggets! Lucas even got to play on the playplace for a little while...my baby's getting all grown up! It was a great way to spend Lucas' birthday.

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