4th of July

Every year, Cole's family gets together for the 4th, and this year was no different. Our numbers were a little sparse, but we had a ton of fun! Gammy and Bumpy busted out the kiddie pools and the waterslide for the kids to enjoy, we had a fabulous dinner, and spectacular fireworks! None of us was willing to fork over the large amount of cash needed for aerial fireworks, but we benefited from the extravagance of others--we were literally surrounded by awesome displays of aerial fireworks (I think we counted 12 different places around us). The kids had a lot of fun wielding sparklers and rating the various fireworks for their coolness factor. Lucas wasn't really sure what to think about all of the fireworks, and he ended up falling asleep halfway through the show so I got some killer snuggles. :)

Cole's brother, Adam, brought out his whips from Hungary and put on a little show--he's WAY cooler than Indiana Jones! We all got up to try our hand at whipping, but none of us were nearly as awesome as Adam is. I was a little apprehensive to try it--I figured I'd probably hit myself in the face before I ever cracked the whip. But, after a littler coercion from Cole, I gave it a try:

(The sound isn't great, but if you listen closely, you can hear the whip crack all three times that I tried it. For a good laugh, look at my face every time--it's pretty comical.)

Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself.

Another reason I was proud of myself? The patriotic dessert I made:

Red, white, and blue funfetti cake balls
They turned out quite delicious, if I do say so myself.


Ferne-Clan said...

I need to know how to make Cake Balls the last time I tried it was a huge FAIL. What is your secret.
Looks yummy!

Spencer and Amy said...

Yep Max was in a seven sling...I love mine! Those cake balls you made look awesome!

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