Wordless Wednesday, Plus an Overdue Update

My living room rug was turned into a parking lot...and we realized just how many vehicles our boys have.
Does anyone else go through periods of time where their "blogging muse" takes a vacation?  I've kind of been in that situation the last few weeks.  I've had PLENTY of material to blog about; I've even had 3 or 4 blog posts take shape in my mind...but my drive to actually blog has been absent.  I get this "blogger's block" every now and then...but, I figured all 3 of my readers deserve to know that we're still alive and kicking, so I decided to taint my wordless wednesday this week with an update.

Cole's still going to school and working.  He's busy and tired and enjoying every minute of it.  He finished his first class two weeks ago and kicked its trash--he got a big, fat A.  Now, he's got three online classes left to finish this semester, including his dreaded math class.  After the semester ends, he's road-tripping with his younger brother, Adam, who is moving to Texas, and he's super excited about it.  When he's not studying, he's outside maintaining our yard (which does look pretty fantastic, if I do say so myself), playing with the boys, or sleeping.  I let him buy new clippers the other day, and he gave himself and the boys super-short summer haircuts.

I am finding, more and more, that I don't have enough time in the day to do everything that I want to do (which is probably another reason my blogging has suffered lately--I just don't ever get to it).  I had my first Primary activity on Saturday, and, because of the help of my wonderful presidency, it went really well!  I've started doing Zumba twice a week, which is awesome!  It adds variety to my exercise routine and is a LOT of fun.  I've recently become addicted to Castle--I watch it while I'm on the treadmill.  I learned how to make cake balls, which are super easy but look super impressive.

I didn't actually make these--I stole the picture from my sister-in-law...
The only problem with cake balls?  They're supremely addicting.  I can't eat just one.  So, I'm not allowed to make them unless it's for a specific event for other people.  Eating 49303856 cake balls would surely be detrimental to my health.  I figured out how to curl my hair with my CHI straightener, and it works way better than any curling iron would!  I finally figured out how to put eBooks from the library on my nook, so I've been reading voraciously again.

Kyle just keeps getting smarter and smarter every day.  His new favorite word is "Why?"  This can be both amusing and irritating at the same time, and I've found myself saying "Because I said so" way more than I ever thought I would.  He's also started asking what letter things around the house begin with...and then he sounds it out for himself: "Mom, what letter starts 'bed'?  Buh...buh....B!"  It's really cute, and it makes me super proud.  I'm confident that we can have him reading and writing before he goes to kindergarten (which, really, shouldn't be that hard since he'll be almost 6 when he goes to kindergarten).  Kyle has become really affectionate lately, so we've gotten lots of hugs, kisses, and snuggles.  He's also really big on the fact that we're a family, and he tells me that fact constantly.  We're working on developing empathy and learning the Golden Rule (since he's become fairly possessive of 'his' toys and is quick to yank them away from his brother).

Lucas just keeps getting bigger and bigger!  With his new haircut, he officially looks more like a little boy than a baby.  He's turning into quite the dramatic--whenever he doesn't get what he wants (which is usually me constantly holding him) he THROWS himself on his belly and cries.  It would be completely heart-wrenching if I didn't know that he was putting on an act.  He's a master at crawling and is getting brave enough to stand by himself for short periods of time.  He'll walk if someone is holding both of his hands, but if you try to only hold one, he immediately sits down.  He loves pushing cars and crawling after them, and he's an expert at getting into my tupperware cupboard and spreading everything all over the house.  He recently took a trip to the ER in the middle of the night because he woke up with a fever of 105.  He was diagnosed with a severe ear infection and a viral infection in his chest.  Cole took him while I sat at home and ate half a pint of Ben & Jerry's while I worried (ironically, it was Late Night Snack).

Cole took this picture at the hospital.  Doesn't he look so sad?
After a few days of antibiotics, he's perked back up and has returned to his happy albeit slightly dramatic self.  We can't believe that he's going to be a year old in a week!

So, that's what we've been doing.  Maybe this post will be enough to coax my blogging muse back from vaycay...


Mrs. Jaybird said...

Look at that big kid! He's sure thinned out and looking more grown up!

Brenda Sue said...

I like to concider myself one of your three followers! I love reading about your cute family.. And boy oh boy does Kyle have a lot of cars!!

Giulia said...

I LOVE Castle!!! It is honestly one of my favorite shows!!! Can't believe how big Lucas is already!! Love reading about you all on the blog! Happy that Cole went back to school - I'm leaving hotels too and going back to school, kinda nervous! Lots of warm wishes from SF!!

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