Marriage Monday

Okay, so you got to hear about me a couple of weeks ago. Now I get to tell you the real reason I do those things that Jessica talked about. This will be a cheesy post I know, but deal with it.

Let me tell you about Jessica. Jessica does her best every day, she deals with two very active kids, deals with the responsibilities of being a wife and responsibilities outside the home. Jessica has many titles, they are:

Jessica is a great wife, she puts up with a ton of grief from me. She sticks in there and does everything a loving wife is supposed to do. You know in school/church when someone would say to you, "This is a quality that you should look for in a wife"? Well, she has all of those qualities and more. She has only ever told one big lie to me, and it still makes us laugh cause I actually believed that she was telling the truth. We won't go into that. She is awesome, she is always there for me and our family. It has not been easy at all the last five years, in fact life has sucked all the way around. The only good thing has been our strength as a couple and looking out fo our little family. Every time we get close to swimming we get pushed back under the water to the point of drowning. With no relief of our trials and struggles in sight, she stays optimistic, even more than me (Usually the rolls are reversed). It has come to a point in my life that it takes everything in my power to keep moving forward. Jessica and my boys are that reason. Jessica is so wonderful to me, and I am thankful for that. I love you Jessica!

Although our kids can be hyper, they are very polite and know to listen to their Mother. Jessica is a wonderful mother, I am so grateful that we made the decision for her to stay home full time. It not only has improved Kyle's behavior and growth, but has made it a ton easier for me to go to work each day. I love the fact that my son's can be home with there Mom everyday all day. Now, Jessica probably gets frustrated with the kids and wants to scream by the time I get home after school, but she never complains, she just goes about doing what she does best. I come home and she asks me how my day was, she doesn't complain about her day. I love her for the great mother she is.

Primary President
Jessica has been Primary President since the beginning of the year and does an amazing job doing it. She worries so much about the kids and teachers. She loses sleep over it, but she still pulls off amazing sharing times and a killer primary activity (The kids are still talking about it). She has great counselors and loves doing it. She once again never complains about her heavy load. This takes away any time on Sundays that she would have with me or for naps, which she loves so much on Sundays.

I think she is a great daughter, I can't speak for her parents but her mother did rave about her in a recent blog post. If I were her parents, I would be proud of her many accomplishments. She has graduated from BYU with a "very smart degree" and married in the temple and has 2 beautiful grandchildren for them, including the first grandchild for them.
She is an example that could be followed by all of her siblings, she makes great decisions and loves her family very much.
As for being a daughter-in-law, once again I can not speak for my own parents, but I can say the same as above. She also is the mother of the first Grandson of my parents. That is a big thing I think, but alas I think she is a great daughter-in-law.

To be honest neither myself or Jessica have many friends, and none of those being married friends. But, the people that call or have called Jessica a friend know what I am talking about, she is very thoughtful, a very good listener and very enjoyable to be around.

All in all, she has her crap together, she knows what she wants to do, and develops on her little hobbies everyday. I am a work in progress and especially now I am very grateful for a wonderful wife. Thanks babe! Lets go for a better next five years.

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