Happy Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.  It actually started on Saturday night, because Cole was too excited to wait until Sunday to give me my present...which, by the way, was a TOTAL surprise.  We usually don't really make a big deal about giving gifts to each other, so I didn't really expect anything.  He came back from a late-night grocery run (he was in charge of making Sunday dinner at my parents' house and he went to get the materials) and told me, "I have a confession to make."*

*A couple of years ago, he started using that statement as a preface to anything he had to tell me that he thought I wouldn't like.  Now, it's turned into a running joke between us.

I groaned and rolled my eyes like I always do when I hear those words and followed him into the living room.  Then, he said, "You'd better sit down for this one."  I started to get worried--usually his "confessions" aren't very serious, but this one sounded more ominous.  "So, I got a bonus at work that I didn't tell you about," he said.  I was confused; usually, getting a bonus at work can be classified as a good thing.  I asked him what he did with it, thinking that would be the "confession" part.  He told me to look behind me.  Hidden beneath the throw pillow was one of these:

Total shock and speechlessness on my part...not necessarily for the gift, but for the fact that Cole kept this a TOTAL SECRET from everyone.  We both are notorious for being bad secret-keepers, so it was a surprise that he kept it to himself.  I was obviously not angry about THIS particular confession.  :)  I've been saying for a while that I need to always keep a book in my purse (I read voraciously)...so he got me a book for my purse!  :)  I've spent a lot of time playing around on Barnes & Noble's website trying to decide what books to get first...I may not get anything done this week around the house.

Sunday morning was nice and leisurely, because the bishop canceled ward council for Mother's Day!  Kyle had a sleep-over with Grandma and Papa, so it was quiet around our house.  With one less kid we managed to get to church EARLY (this is a nearly impossible feat at our house).  Cole taught ALL of the youth Sunday School classes during the second hour--he was the only teacher there!  We were hoping to sneak out after the second hour to my parents' house so we could catch the tail end of the phone call to my brother, Nathan, but one of my counselors went home sick, and I knew it was important for me to stay and help out in Primary.  Fortunately, Nathan understood and was proud of us for magnifying our callings.  :)  Plus, he'll be home at the beginning of December, so we'll see him before we know it.  

After church, we raced home, changed, grabbed the stuff for dinner, and headed to Sandy.  Cole and Chris kicked the women-folk out of the kitchen and whipped up a fabulous dinner--tortellini alfredo, grilled chicken, Caesar salad, mixed vegetables, and garlic bread.  Yummy!  

We had some time to kill before Daniel was calling, so we opened Mother's Day gifts.  We bought my mom Bones season 5.  Stephanie didn't want Mom to know what the gift was, so she cut an insert into the pages of a ginormous book she got from the DI and put the season inside.  It did the trick; Mom was pretty confused when she opened her gift.  Kyle and Lucas made me cute little stepping stones for the yard, and my parents got me some really pretty flowers to plant to go with the stones.  Kyle also made me a gift in Primary

Around 8:15, we gathered around the computer to Skype with Daniel.  It was so much fun to see him!  He had just gotten transferred, and we found out just how small the world is: his new companion is the brother-in-law of someone I went to high school with!  Lucas hammed it up in front of the camera, so Daniel got a good look at him (he hasn't seen Lucas since Lucas was 3 months old).  Kyle started out being really shy--he wouldn't even go in the office.  Near the end of the call, though, I managed to get him to sing "If I Listen With My Heart" for Daniel, and he even talked a little bit.  Dan got to talk for a couple of hours, so we all got a chance to chat and laugh.

All in all, it was a great day.  I'm so grateful I have the blessing to be a mother to my two wonderful boys, and I'm so grateful for my mother, mother-in-law, and all of the other "mothers" I've had throughout my life.  

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