Happy Birthday, Lucas-man!

Today, our little Lucas turns 1.  This has, quite possibly, been the quickest year of our lives--it seems like just yesterday that we were heading to the hospital to bring him into the world!  Now our little baby isn't a baby anymore.

-Lucas still LOVES to eat, and almost always out-eats Kyle.  When he's done eating, though, he'll let you know, usually by throwing whatever food is left in front of him.

Doing what he does best...eating cookies!
-He still loves to nurse, but typically only to go to sleep.  It's getting less and less frequent, so I'm putting off actively trying to wean him because I think it'll happen by itself before too much longer.
-He loves to crawl up the stairs, but can't get down them.  We'll often find him at the top of the stairs whining to get down.
-He LOVES to push cars on the floor.  He'll either crawl and push a car at the same time, or he'll push one across the floor and crawl like mad after it.  He keeps himself entertained quite well with this stunt.
-He's not quite brave enough to take steps on his own yet.  He cruises all over the place any chance he can get, and he loves to walk while holding on to someone's hands, but as soon as you let go, he'll immediately sit down.
-He LOVES music and dancing.
-He still thinks his brother is the funniest person alive.
-He has six teeth: two on top and four on bottom.
-After months of prompting, he signed "please" and "more" the other day all on his own.
-He is super chatty, but isn't quite up to saying any real words yet.
-He loves to be outside and crawl all over the place.

Chillin' on the grass (before a much-needed haircut)
-He has the most infectious laugh.

Lucas is our little sunshine boy, and we've absolutely loved having him in our home the last year.  We're looking forward to many more years of his smiles!

His toothy grin that will melt anyone's heart


kennerfam said...

Cutest one year old on the planet!! I love you my Lukie:)

Devri said...

Wow! We're terrible friends since I've never even met Lucas. Happy Birthday little guy!

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