Peanut Butter Egg recipe

Okay, since I want to remain friends with Natalie--where would I get all of my parenting advice? ;)--here's the recipe for the peanut butter eggs I made for Easter...check them out here.

1 lb. butter or margarine (I used margarine, and I would recommend using margarine.  There is a noticeable taste and texture difference if you use butter--they're a little bit drier)
3 c. creamy peanut butter
3 lb. powdered sugar
Chocolate for dipping

Peanut Butter eggs:
Cream margarine and peanut butter together until light and fluffy.  Add powdered sugar slowly, mixing after each addition (I ended up mixing in the last pound of powdered sugar by hand because my electric mixer was getting burned out).

Your peanut butter mixture should be about the consistency of Play-Dough.  Form into desired shape--I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup to scoop out the mixture before shaping so my eggs were of uniform size (It's best to do this several hours before dipping in the chocolate.  Also, if you refrigerate the peanut butter eggs, make sure to let them get to room temperature before dipping in chocolate...otherwise, disaster will occur, trust me).

Dipping in chocolate:

I would recommend using chocolate specifically meant for dipping; the chocolate sets pretty quickly and the eggs look smooth and more professional.  I used Wilton's light cocoa Candy Melts (you can get them at Wal-Mart for about $3 a bag), but you can get Wilton's Candy Melts in many different colors if you want to mix things up.


One 14 oz. bag should be enough to dip all of your peanut butter eggs.  You can also get dipping chocolate at places like Orson Gygi or Zurchers.  If you don't want to use dipping chocolate, you can also use Hershey bars--just be aware, it takes a LOT longer for the chocolate to set.

If you have a double boiler, you can melt your chocolate on medium in it.  You can also melt your chocolate in a glass measuring cup in the microwave or over a pan of boiling water on the stove top.  If you choose either of these options, BE EXTRA CAREFUL!  It's easy to burn chocolate in the microwave, and you run the risk of shattering your measuring cup or contaminating your chocolate with water if you use the stove top. I used the microwave, and (even though it's tricky) I'd recommend that method.  When you melt chocolate in the microwave, always use 50% power or the defrost setting, and never put the chocolate in for more than 1 minute at a time.  Stir the chocolate completely after each turn in the microwave.  I microwaved my chocolate for 1 minute, then for 2-3 more 30 second intervals until I could stir it smooth.

After the chocolate is melted, dip your eggs.  Let excess chocolate run off, then place the eggs on wax paper to set.  After my eggs set up, I used a clean set of kitchen shears to trim the edges of the eggs so they looked more neat.  You can put those chocolate trimmings back in your chocolate pot to melt and re-use.

The woman I got the recipe from makes frosting flowers using Royal frosting (I doubted my flower-making abilities, so I took an easier route).  I used candy cake decorations in Easter shapes to decorate my eggs.  I think next year (if I have time) I might pipe on frosting decorations.

the finished product
Yield: one batch yielded approximately 7 cups of peanut butter mixture.  I made sixteen 1/4 c. eggs and sixteen 1/6 c. eggs (with a tiny bit left over) but you can split out the mixture any way you want.

It sounds intense, but really, it's pretty easy.  Plus, you look SUPER impressive when you roll in with these babies.  :)

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