The Kitchen Floor-palooza of 2011

So, last month my mom extended to us the strangest yet most appealing invitation we've ever received:

"Want to come over on Saturday and help us tear up our kitchen floor?"

Let's think about this: destruction that's perfectly allowed, nay, ENCOURAGED...a chance for Cole to use his new power tools...

"corn chips are no place for a mighty warrior"

Thus began the Kitchen Floor-palooza of 2011.

We started with tearing up the old tile in the kitchen and entryway.  This involved hammers and crowbars.  

Cole "pre-busting" the tiles to help ease the tearing-up process
It was a lot easier than we originally anticipated, and Stephanie and I ended up standing around much of the time (Mom was on kid duty since she was still recovering from an unfortunate accident involving the porch steps and her ankle).  

The pile of torn-up tiles
 Then, we got the best job ever.  See how some of the tiles were still in relatively large pieces?  In order to fit in the trash bags more easily, we were commissioned to bust the bigger pieces with hammers, rendering them much more pack-in-garbage-bag-able.  We took the job with all sorts of eagerness, and joked about how we looked like characters from a Whack-A-Mole game.  

We finished a lot sooner than we expected, revealing a lovely sub-floor in the kitchen:

Lovely, smooth subfloor
After all was said and done, we ended up filling 11 huge trash bags with broken tiles.

9 of the 11 trash bags, awaiting their trip to the dump
The whole process was pretty dusty--we didn't realize how much dust came from breaking tiles!  It wasn't confined to the kitchen, either!

The dust left behind in the living room after tearing up the tile floor
We thought the job was finished...until we got another call from my mom.  Apparently, the people who lived in the house before my parents were idiots...because the new-floor-guy came to inspect our work and discovered that the kitchen had TWO subfloors on top of the floorboards.  One subfloor, then horrible linoleum, then ANOTHER subfloor upon which my parents had installed the old tiles.  He said the old floors needed to come up, and a new one needed to be laid for both the entryway and the kitchen.  Instead of forking over $1300 for him to tear up the old ones, my parents decided to have another Demolition Day...and we were happy to help.

Out came the hammers and crowbars again.  To make the process easier, my dad and Cole used circular saws to cut the subfloor into smaller squares:

Division of the subfloor
It took a LOT more effort to tear up two subfloors.  We all took our turns with the crowbar and hammer.  

Mom and me taking our turn
The pile of subfloor and nasty old linoleum
After the subfloors came up, we also had to pull the staples out of the floorboards--anything left behind could leave an unsightly bump in the new subfloor, which would result in uneven new-floor-laying.  There were a LOT of staples.

Not sure how visible they are here...but there were about a gazillion staples to pull up.
Kyle was perfectly content to play upstairs during the whole process.  Lucas was another matter.  Since we needed to keep him close, we set up the pack n' play and he had a grand old time watching the madness.  My dad worried a little bit about the noise hurting his ears, so he whipped out these babies:

Awesome headphones.  Note Lucas' SUPER tired eyes--he refused to take a nap that day.
We finished removing the subfloors and staples, which enabled the floor guy, Reuben, to come work his magic...and when I say "floor guy," I mean, "the one guy who came to do the work."  He laid the new subfloor and the new tile all by himself.  Apparently he was quite the crack-up, too.

So, after two Saturdays of demolition and nearly 3 weeks of my parents' house being in total disarray, they finally had a beautiful finished product:

Lovely new tile floor
Close-up of the new floor
My parents love it...and it's a good thing.  I'm not sure any of us could take having to tear up ANOTHER floor.  


Natalie Sadler said...

That sounds SO much like what happened when we laid tile in our kitchen! We tore up bamboo and a subfloor and--surprise!--LINOLEUM was underneath! I was hoping to induce labor by doing this in the late end of the 3rd trimester with Copeland, but it didn't do a thing. Lots of Braxton-Hicks though lol. For a moment, I thought you were tearing up floor in your own home and I got jealous. I want a new home so bad!!!

P.S., I miss you. I'm waiting to see what the weather will be like next week so we can get together and go to the zoo!

Natalie Sadler said...

P.P.S., A wave o' babies . . .

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