Breastfeeding and Me, Part III

I intended on concluding my reflection of breastfeeding with the last post, but I realized while responding to comments that I still had a lot of things to talk about, primarily about breastfeeding in public.

In sum,  

I will breastfeed anywhere, anytime, no matter who's around.

This means that I have breastfed Lucas pretty much anywhere you can imagine.  Here are some of my favorites:

--the waiting room at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  My brother Daniel chose to go through to receive his endowments when Lucas was about two weeks old.  I didn't want to give him a bottle at such a young age (I was TERRIFIED of nipple confusion), so Cole and I brought the kids along, and my sister watched them in the waiting room during the session.  

--Walking through Wal-Mart.  This is one I'll never do again...my arms got WAY too tired.  Also, I used my sweatshirt as a cover for this one.

--on TRAX.  Cole's brother Adam got married two months after Lucas was born, and his rehearsal dinner was downtown.  We rode TRAX.  Two-month-old Lucas got hungry.  I fed him.

--Any number of restaurants.  I went with my mom and sister to drop my youngest brother off at the MTC, and we had lunch at Red Robin before he reported.  I nursed Lucas there.

--Sacrament meeting.  I didn't feel strongly about going to the mother's lounge.  Besides, during the summer, ours has a tendency to smell like dirty diapers.  Yuck.

--Young Womens.  Right during the lessons, right next to some of the girls.  No one even batted an eye.

Since I've been fortunate to stay home with my kids, I haven't really ever had a feeding schedule for Lucas.  He's been able to eat whenever he's hungry when we're at home, so why should I try to put him on a schedule if I have plans to go somewhere?  Why should I pump milk and take it with me when he can get it straight from the source?  Typically, I don't see the need to find a quiet place to sit down and nurse, because usually, that takes longer than feeding Lucas does--he's kind of a snacker these days (although I do see the merit in finding a quiet spot removed from action and noise, because sometimes, Lucas is also easily distracted.  Plus, it's just nice to have peace and quiet with your baby).

Does this mean that I "whip it out"* anytime I feel like it?  Of course not.  I have said before that I almost always use a cover.  I can think of only two instances where I have nursed uncovered (obviously, this does not include in my home, my parents' home, or the mothers' lounge at church--all places I feel a cover is unneccesary).

Instance 1: Lucas was about two months old.  We were at the Payson city public pool, where my grandparents throw an annual end-of-summer swimming party.  My bathing suit was of the halter-top variety, so it was easy for me to untie it at the neck, pull down one side, and feed Lucas.  However, it was windy, and, no matter what I did, I couldn't get my nursing cover to stay put.  I panicked just a little bit, but my mom, ever supportive, told me, "Just feed him without the cover.  No one's paying attention anyway."  So I did.  And, as far as I could tell, no one was paying attention.

Instance 2: This happened just two weeks ago.  Kyle was at Primary Children's Hospital.  The staff only allowed two adults in the room at a time, and I was sitting in the waiting room while Cole and my dad gave Kyle a blessing.  Lucas did his familiar "Mom, I'm hungry" whine and started "assuming the position."  Unfortunately, I had forgotten the diaper bag and his blanket in the hospital room with Kyle.  Lucas can be fairly impatient, so rather than risk the entire hospital hearing the sounds of his hungry wrath while I went to get his blanket, I fed him then and there. 

*interjection: this phrase has always amused me.  It makes it sound like I wield my breasts like a Wild West gunslinger--"You feelin' lucky, Lucas?"  I assure you, there has never been any "whipping" of any kind.  In fact, I'm sure that would be rather painful. 

For me, nursing uncovered is the exception, not the rule.  I feel much more comfortable keeping my business my business, if you know what I mean.  But, in these cases, the needs of my child superceded my need for comfort.  Fortunately, it wasn't really a problem in these two instances.

SO glad this hasn't happened to me!

This is exactly how I'll feel when it's time to wean Lucas
Where is the strangest place you've ever nursed a baby?


Parkers said...

Again, I'm enjoying this series of posts :)

Breastfeeding in public seems so natural to me that I've never really given it much thought. I've never had anyone talk to me about it, so I do it anywhere. Like I mentioned before, I am always covered, though. We had eight newborns born in our ward the same month that Kaleigh was born, so the mother's lounge was ALWAYS occupied. So I started nursing in the foyer. With a cover. Didn't seem strange at all. I've nursed at the park. In restaurants (specifically the BYU Creamery). I always nurse on the airplane... usually while sitting next to strange men. At firesides. Friends' houses. Are you ready for this? I have nursed while Jeff is driving the car. Yep. We were on the long drive from Ohio to Utah and we weren't willing to make a whole stop every time. So I would just... you know... lean over over while she was in her car seat.

It just seemed like something you do while you're nursing. I've never even thought much about it because it's something just HAS to be done. The closest I have ever felt to being uncomfortable was when I told my Dad that I nursed Kaleigh basically the entire six hour plane ride to Utah for my sister's wedding and he proceeded to ask about who I was sitting next to and if I was comfortable and if the man next to me was comfortable. He was just curious and that was the first time that I considered that maybe could be something to be uncomfortable about.

Anyway, I do always cover. It just helps me feel more comfortable.

Phew. Too bad this is the end of your "breastfeeding and Me" series. I like it!

JAEAEAJ said...

I am not a fan of breast feeding. My first three children would not do it....try as I may. Jonathon on the other hand is a boob man, so he was alittle more willing, but then three months later did not really want to be bothered, which is fine by me. I understand the positive side to breast milk,but personally feel it needs to be a private and covered moment between you and your child.
I have a good friend who would bare it all anywhere she felt like it. Yay for her.....I suppose. Family and friends are one thing strangers are another. I had another friend who had her father in law hit on her while she breast feed....eeeew! To each there own.

Devri said...

I nursed Michael at the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl football game. Right in the stadium, just behind the band. I nursed him in a bathroom stall at the Mariott Center (my arms got super tired). I nursed him during the Marching Band banquet. On the airplane. On the marching band bus (with all those single college guys hanging out).

There was this sister in my ward that felt like it was inappropriate to nurse a baby in public places, even with a cover! She was of the opinion that it was just distracting for the men, that even if you have a cover, everyone knows what you're doing. To which I say, "and everyone knows that under your clothes, you're naked. If he's thinking bad thoughts while I'm feeding my baby, it's his problem."

I will say though that I do prefer the mothers in the nursing lounge to wear covers, but I also understand that that can be a struggle and therefore not crucial to me. I would never say anything about it. Just a personal preference.

Carl and Steph said...

Grocery shopping while pushing a cart FULL of groceries and a 2.5 year old. That was fun. I'll never forget it.

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