"Toopwus"* No Longer!

*One of Kyle's favorite movies of late has been How to Train Your Dragon.  Until recently, he wasn't quite able to wrap his mouth around the dragon's name (Toothless) and it came out sounding like "Toopwus" (you know, like "Toopwus" two equals four).  Hence, the name for the post.

Lucas is toothless no longer!  He's been drooling and chewing for almost 6 months, but finally one of the little buggers has popped through.  I haven't been able to get a picture of it, because--get this--it's on the top.

Weird, right?

I don't think I've ever seen a baby cut his/her first tooth on the top.  It looks like the other top front tooth will soon be following, so I'm a little afraid that Lucas will look like this:

Oh well.  He'll be the cutest little buck-toothed baby ever.

Teething is hard work, though, so this is what Lucas has been doing for most of the last couple of days:

Poor baby has been a little on the miserable side, and he's taken up a lot of my time.  Because of this, Kyle's playroom resembles a trailer park after a tornado:

Yeah, it hasn't gotten a good cleaning in a few days *cough* weeks *cough*.  :S

In other news, Kyle planted some seeds of unknown classification in his Primary class a few weeks ago, and they've sprouted wonderfully.  He's extremely proud of them.

Meanwhile, it's getting warmer and the days are getting longer, ergo, I am getting happier.  I love spring.

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