Our Little Sickie

We've had a rough couple of days.

Poor guy has spent a lot of time on the couch the last couple of days.
Thursday afternoon, Kyle woke up from his nap crying.  When I went upstairs to see what was wrong, he had thrown up all over his floor.  

(side note: He gets so sad when he's sick.  He apologizes and says things like "it's all my fault", which is so heartbreaking.  We keep trying to tell him that it's NEVER his fault if he's feeling sick, but it's taking a little work to convince him.)

So, I cleaned up his room, popped him in a bath, and set him up downstairs on the couch to rest.  I didn't really think anything of it, because Lucas did the same thing the day before and hadn't been sick since.  I figured it was just something he ate and he'd bounce back like he usually does.

He spent the afternoon either throwing up or having diarrhea.  I tried to keep him hydrated but he wasn't really keeping anything down.  Cole gave him a blessing before bed, and we sandwiched him between us for the night.  He started running a fever during the night and got up a few more times to be sick.  We hoped that it was just a 24-hour bug and it would pass, but he wasn't really any better yesterday morning.  I started to worry about him getting dehydrated, since he was throwing up EVERYTHING he ate or drank.  Aunt Stephanie came over to watch Lucas, and I ran Kyle to the doctor to get him checked out.  He was such a trooper--he was gagged by a strep test, got poked to get blood drawn, and endured a urine test.  He was so exhausted and emotional after everything that he just passed out on my lap in the waiting room.  After all the tests came back, the doctor told me it was probably just a bad reaction to a virus, but he wanted to send us to Primary Children's, both to confirm his diagnosis and to start Kyle on IV fluids to get him rehydrated.  The poor guy was not excited in the LEAST to be heading to another doctor.  He kept telling me, "I just want to go home, Mommy"--it was SO sad!  

Cole met us at the hospital and we got Kyle all checked in.  I was really worried about how he'd take getting an IV.  He had been so good when the nurses drew blood earlier, and I wasn't sure if he'd be able to take getting poked again.  I hope I NEVER have to see one of my kids get an IV again--I was just as traumatized as he was!  The doctor pushed some anti-nausea medication before starting saline, and the combination finally got Kyle feeling good enough to sleep some more.  My dad and Cole gave Kyle another blessing, and he fell deeply asleep--so deep the nurse worried a little bit at how low his BP dropped.  After the IV finished running, it took all we had to get him to wake back up.  He was a little loopy, and laughed and talked a little bit at who-knows-what.  Then, we had to talk him into drinking a little bit of Gatorade to see if he could keep it down.  Since he's got a pretty tough stubborn streak, he fought us for a little while and it took some coaxing.  The nurse wanted to make sure he wasn't dizzy or weakened so we walked down the hall to the toy cupboard to pick something out.  He found some cars and instantly became more like the happy, energetic boy we are used to.  After successfully keeping down about half of the Gatorade, the doctor discharged us and, after 6 hours and two doctors, Kyle could finally go home.

Last night was still a little rough.  He hasn't thrown up since we left the hospital, but he still had pretty bad diarrhea and was still running a fever.  We had a hard time getting him to eat anything (probably because he remembers that every time he's eaten anything the last couple of days it has made him throw up).  He slept between us again last night (thank goodness for a king size bed!) and still got up several times.  This morning, he's been resting on the couch and watching his fill of Thomas and Friends movies on Netflix.  He's eaten a little bit and is slowly perking up.  We think the worst is over, and we're just praying that Lucas doesn't catch whatever this is.

Cole went a little overboard on buying juice for the sickie.
Speaking of Lucas, the poor guy is feeling a little neglected.  He's used to having the majority of my attention; yesterday, he spent most of his time with my sister or my parents.  It's a little funny to me that he can express jealousy and possessiveness at such a young age.  

In other news, Cole sprained his right thumb and tore all of its ligaments on Wednesday night.  I'm not sure exactly how he did it, but it involved power tools, scrap wood that needed busting up, and some exhibition of manliness.  He's splinted and wrapped for two weeks, and then we have to see the doctor about possibly having surgery to repair the ligaments.  

So, we're all kind of battered and bruised, and we're certainly glad it's the weekend.  A little R&R is just what we need.  

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Natalie Sadler said...

We haven't had to take Cope to the hospital yet . . . but he keeps getting worse and more miserable. If he doesn't sleep any better tonight, we'll take him to InstaCare tomorrow. Hope Kyle gets better soon!

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