Little Muncher

Lucas has LOVED eating solid foods.  However, recently, he decided that he didn't want to eat anything he couldn't feed himself.  If we tried to spoon-feed him ANYTHING, he would throw a monster tantrum (which is pretty uncharacteristic for him--he's typically very easy-going) and try to grab the spoon for himself.  After trying and failing to get him to eat baby food, we decided to just go with it and we started giving him bite size bits of whatever we were eating.  Now, he thinks he's the shiz.  He's hoovered everything we've put in front of him, but his favorites are bananas, corn chex, and string cheese.  Today, I decided to try something new: a peanut butter sandwich.

 completely enjoying his PBJ 

Letting Lucas feed himself has been awesome.  It means that I get to eat when everyone else does instead of try to feed both myself and Lucas.  It's given him the opportunity to try lots of different foods with different textures.  There's only one downside:

what Lucas' lap looks like after a meal

It makes him SUPER messy!  He's still not super great at picking things up with his thumb and forefinger, so he ends up dropping little bits into his lap quite often.  Usually I strip him down to his diaper when he eats, but it was a little chilly today.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised; Kyle started eating finger foods at about this age, too.  I guess it's just weird because Lucas still doesn't have any teeth, and Kyle had at least 3 by this age!  I don't really mind, because he's still nursing a lot, and I'm glad I don't have to worry about being bitten.  :)

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