The Happy-Haps at our House

I’m a terrible blogger. I really am going to try and be better, because I found out my missionary brother (Elder Filipino Kenner—not to be confused with Elder Africa Kenner) uses some of his internet time to catch up on blogs.
Anyway, we had a great first Christmas in our very own house! Kyle’s favorite present was, hands down, his Thomas the Tank Engine pajamas from my mom—as soon as he finished opening them he started taking his clothes off so he could put them on. Lucas’ favorite present was…being able to eat solid foods for the first time! He “turned” 6 months old on Dec. 23 and we gave him his first taste of rice cereal and bananas on Christmas Eve. He LOVED every bite and sucked it down way better than I thought he would.

Kyle in his Thomas jammies

Lucas in HIS Thomas jammies, playing with his gift from Santa

Lucas enjoying his bananas and cereal
The day after Christmas, I got a phone call from our ward’s first counselor—I was called in to see the bishop. “Bring your husband too,” he told me. It’s never a good sign when they tell you that, I realized, because the bishop called me to be the new Primary president of our ward. Yikes! I was overwhelmed and intimidated, but so excited at the same time. I haven’t served in Primary since Cole and I first got married and I forgot how fun it is to be in Primary. I have two great counselors and an awesome secretary, and we’re figuring everything out one week at a time.
This month, I also received the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. My parents surprised me with a piano! My dad has been planning to buy me a piano ever since I got married, and this year it finally worked out—as sort of a late wedding/early 5-year anniversary present. It’s a beautiful used piano in excellent shape, and I LOVE being able to just sit down and play whenever I get the urge. That’s something I’ve really missed since leaving home. I’ve also started teaching piano lessons to a couple of kids in my ward, and it’s been great for me to review everything I learned as well as help other people learn to do something I love.

My beautiful piano!
Lucas started sitting up by himself a few weeks ago and he’s extremely proud of himself. It’s made bath time a lot of fun! He loves to wiggle and scoot on his bum from one end of the tub to the other. Now that he sits like a pro, we keep putting him back on his tummy to encourage crawling efforts, but he gets high-centered on his big, round belly and doesn’t get anywhere. He’s also started to show affection, which is really fun—even if his kisses are still open-mouthed and slobbery! He LOVES eating French fries of any kind, and if you get between him and his fries…woe be unto you! He still thinks Kyle is the funniest person in the world, and I love watching my two boys play together.
Kyle became a Sunbeam this year and is (mostly) enjoying Primary. Since we switched to 1:00 church he doesn’t get a nap on Sundays, and he’s always tired by the time Primary rolls around so we still have a bit of crying (even though I go with him now!). But, he cheers up and has a lot of fun with his teachers and classmates. Some of my ward friends and I started up a playgroup once a week, so Kyle gets to go and play with his friends for a few hours. It’s been really great! I’m pretty sure that he’ll turn out to be quite the ladies man, because he’s the only boy in the playgroup.

Kyle and one of his many girlfriends, Evelyn

Cole continues to love having our own home. He checks “home improvement” books out of the library every week and comes up with great ideas for changing our house. He also loves to go to Lowes whenever possible so he can just walk around and dream of what to do next. On one of his days off last week he rearranged the basement room, and, just for good measure, he busted out some extra white paint we had and painted the ugly wood siding on our basement room walls! It looks a million times better and brightens up the room quite a bit. We’re planning on painting the top half of the walls a bright sky blue, which will be a HUGE, welcome change to the awful pink/peach we have right now.
Life is good, and time is going by way too fast!
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