3 is a Magic Number

Today, my (first) little man turns 3 years old!

I can't believe how fast time has flown! Kyle is THE coolest 3-year-old around, and I love that I get to hang out with him every day. Here's some things about him that make him the shiz:
  • He LOVES Thomas the Tank Engine. He loves the movies, he loves the toys, he loves the books...you name it, he loves it! Even though there are roughly 7000 different trains on the Island of Sodor, you can bet that Kyle knows and recognizes each different one.
  • His new favorite movie is The Sandlot. He tells us all the time that he's "running fast like Benny" and he loves to wear a baseball cap whenever possible.
  • He is sensitive to the emotions of others. He's quick to say "I'm sorry" if he thinks he caused someone offense, and he always asks us if we need a band-aid if we say "ouch" about ANYTHING.
  • He loves Lucas, and he's a very attentive big brother. He loves to make Lucas smile, and he loves to give Lucas kisses and hugs. They are already on the way to becoming best friends!
  • He's fiercely independent. He loves to do things by himself.
  • He still loves to snuggle.
  • He loves to sing, and one of our favorite things is hearing him sing "BINGO" or the ABCs when he thinks no one is listening.
  • He remembers things that happened months ago and can share amazing amounts of detail about them like they happened yesterday.
  • His favorite song for me to sing to him is "I am a Child of God."
  • He loves to read stories, either by himself or by someone else to him.
  • He has seemingly endless amounts of energy and NEVER STOPS MOVING.
  • He's the best at telling us "I love you" whenever we need it most.
Happy birthday, Kyle-man! We love you!

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Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Three is a super fun age! They just get so stinking smart and it's funny the stuff they say. It's especially fun when you can tell they're trying to figure things out and they come up with something way bigger than you thought they could. Happy Birthday to your little guy Kyle!

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