We welcomed the newest member of our family today.

This is Babe. She's part lab, part bull mastiff, and all beautiful! We finally got to pick her up today (because it finally stopped raining!), and Kyle has been absolutely over the moon all evening. She's adjusted really well so far to a new house and new people. Cole and Kyle spent about an hour outside with her, just running around and playing with her.

Even though she's a good-sized dog, Kyle has absolutely no apprehensions about her (oddly enough, small dogs seem to freak him out WAY more than big dogs do). I was a little worried because he can play kind of rough, but every time Kyle came close, Babe laid right down and let him climb on her. She'd just roll over on her back and lay really still...unless she sat up to sneak a kiss in!

I think Cole is just as excited as Kyle is. He grew up always having a dog, and he's been BEGGING me ever since we got married to get one. I told him when we had a house and a yard that we could get a dog, so this is me making good on my promise. Babe loves Cole just as much as she loves Kyle.

I never really had a dog growing up, so I wouldn't really say that I'm a dog person per se, but I'm actually really excited about having Babe around myself. She already seems like she'll be a good guard dog (bull mastiffs are supposed to be fiercely protective of their owners). Plus, she'll need to go for a walk every day, so I'll actually get off my butt and do something...in fact, I'll probably have to take up running, because she's extremely strong and she'll drag me unless I run to keep up. :) She's really sweet and lovable too.

I'm not sure how Chubs feels about this...he sat by the back door the entire time we were outside with Babe, his tail all puffy like a bottle-brush. Babe is going to be an outside dog mostly, so I don't see them having too many run-ins. Still, it'll keep things interesting...


Devri said...

I like bigger dogs; Brian likes lap dogs. I like outside dogs only; Brian likes inside/outside dogs. I don't know how we're going to compromise on this one. I prefer cats, but I don't want pets in the house at all. I'm glad the dog is working out for you. She looks super nice.

Natalie Sadler said...

I hope you know telling Jay about this made him pretty jealous . . . he really wants a dog but knows we can't have one without a yard. We looked at a house today that has a huge yard and a dog run out back, and he kept saying, "If we get this house, we can get that Siberian Husky/Border Collie/Sheltie we were looking at on KSL.com!" Silly Jay--but I want one, too, so I can't blame him!

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