We welcomed the newest member of our family today.

This is Babe. She's part lab, part bull mastiff, and all beautiful! We finally got to pick her up today (because it finally stopped raining!), and Kyle has been absolutely over the moon all evening. She's adjusted really well so far to a new house and new people. Cole and Kyle spent about an hour outside with her, just running around and playing with her.

Even though she's a good-sized dog, Kyle has absolutely no apprehensions about her (oddly enough, small dogs seem to freak him out WAY more than big dogs do). I was a little worried because he can play kind of rough, but every time Kyle came close, Babe laid right down and let him climb on her. She'd just roll over on her back and lay really still...unless she sat up to sneak a kiss in!

I think Cole is just as excited as Kyle is. He grew up always having a dog, and he's been BEGGING me ever since we got married to get one. I told him when we had a house and a yard that we could get a dog, so this is me making good on my promise. Babe loves Cole just as much as she loves Kyle.

I never really had a dog growing up, so I wouldn't really say that I'm a dog person per se, but I'm actually really excited about having Babe around myself. She already seems like she'll be a good guard dog (bull mastiffs are supposed to be fiercely protective of their owners). Plus, she'll need to go for a walk every day, so I'll actually get off my butt and do something...in fact, I'll probably have to take up running, because she's extremely strong and she'll drag me unless I run to keep up. :) She's really sweet and lovable too.

I'm not sure how Chubs feels about this...he sat by the back door the entire time we were outside with Babe, his tail all puffy like a bottle-brush. Babe is going to be an outside dog mostly, so I don't see them having too many run-ins. Still, it'll keep things interesting...


Picture of the Day

Kyle has been obsessed with putting things in the dryer lately. Today, I heard him calling for me, and it sounded like he was inside a tin can. I looked over at the dryer, and his head popped out of the door! Hysterical laughing on my part ensued.

Yes, I know my washer and dryer are two different colors. We actually have two complete sets: ours and a set (probably from the 1960s) that came with the house. Our dryer needed a new heating element, so we've been using the old-school one for a while--it actually works like a dream!


30 Weeks

I hit the 30-week mark this last Friday. I know it sounds cliche, but I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! In 10 weeks or less, we'll have 2 KIDS. Weird.

Anyway, I'm still convinced that was bigger when I was pregnant with Kyle...here's a little photographic evidence...

30 weeks pregnant with Lucas

30 weeks pregnant with Kyle

It totally blows my mind how different these two pregnancies have been. Lucas is extremely active ALL THE TIME. Kyle was active too, but I don't remember his movements being constant. The only time I don't feel Lucas move is when I'm asleep...and that doesn't mean that he's NOT moving; it just means that I'm unconscious. I've also noticed that Lucas hasn't gotten the hiccups at all. Kyle got them at least 3 times every day. Lucas also gets his feet up in my ribs all the time...which is rather unpleasant. Kyle never did that. It will be interesting to see how different their dispositions are after Lucas is born. I was hoping for a quieter child, but I'm thinking that Lucas is going to be just as fiery as Kyle is...lucky me. :)

I've been thinking a lot about how I want Lucas' birth to go (which is good, since it's right around the corner!) My doctor told me that he would induce me anytime after 39 weeks, but I REALLY want to go into labor myself. I've had the distinct impression that Lucas is going to come early...call it mother's intuition, call it inspiration, call it blind hope--I really don't feel like I'm going to go "overdue" this time. So, I'm not going to schedule an induction, at least for now. I also have the strong feeling that I should try to have Lucas without an epidural, so I'm going to ask that the hospital staff doesn't recommend or suggest it. If I change my mind in the middle of my labor and want pain medication, I'll ask for it.

Anywho, everything else is going swimmingly. Kyle is growing faster than I'd like...I swear he learns new words/phrases/sentences by the minute! We have to be REALLY careful what we say, because he parrots everything he hears. I also think he's going to be really good with Lucas. My friends Devri and Brian came over a few weeks ago with their 6-month-old son, Michael, and Kyle absolutely LOVED him. He brought Michael toys and laid on the floor by him and didn't try to play rough or anything like that. He's always really good with our 4-month-old nephew, Atticus, too. I'm sure it'll be a little bit different with a baby who is ALWAYS at our house and monopolizes my time, but I'm encouraged...I think he'll do okay.

Cole has been preoccupied with yard work, since the weather has started to turn warm. Because the previous owner of our house was a 96-year-old woman and it sat empty for more than a year before we moved in, the yard needs some serious TLC. Cole is really enjoying being able to do his own landscaping, and he's got some pretty cool plans for the yard.

We're also switching up our pet roster. We actually let Pumpkin go last week (yes, we're kind of heartless). In the few weeks before we let her outside, she was peeing on our bed any chance she got (and yes, we do know it was her and not Chubs). I got really tired of changing the sheets 3-4 times a week, and it seemed like she just wasn't doing well staying with us, so we let her out the back door. She's pretty cute, so I'm sure someone will find her and take her home. Instead, we're taking in a bull mastiff named Babe. My aunt and uncle have been taking care of her for my aunt's brother, who moved out of state, and they decided to find a good home for her. Kyle already loves her from the few times my aunt tended him, and she's a really great dog. We figure she'll be big enough to scare any bad'uns away.

Oh yeah...I turned 25 last week. No big deal. Cole and I stayed at his hotel (the Waldorf Astoria Park City) on Friday night and had a super fabulous $160 dinner...all gratis. Grandma and Papa watched Kyle (which I think he enjoys more than being with us anyway), so we got to have an evening of relaxation all to ourselves. It was WONDERFUL.

Anyway, that's about all for now. we're getting super excited for our vacation extravaganza with my family in 2 1/2 weeks...Myrtle Beach, here we come!
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