I just wanted to post an update on our lives as we do not have a computer currently. I think the last update from Jessica was at the end of January so I have a lot to cover.

We Moved and are Homeowners

So we moved from Eagle Mountain at the Beginning of February and now reside in our beautiful home in West Valley. It is an older split level house and is perfect for our little growing family. We have been there for over a month now an love it so much. It has a large room off the kitchen which we made into a play room for Kyle, he absolutely loves it. It also has a huge backyard with huge trees. I have spent the last two Saturday's trimming these trees that have been neglected for too long. We now have a ginormous pile of tree limbs that is as tall as our house itself. We painted all of the rooms including the living room which is red. We will have pictures soon. We love it's old time feel with the new look we have given it.

Cut-off from the Digital World

We miss Jessica's sister who was living with us for one reason only..... her computer. Yes, we do not own a computer so we were mooching off of her for the last year. To say the least Jessica misses that adult interaction during the day very much. She is loving being a stay at home Mom, but misses the contact with the outside world. Although she does spend more time on my XBOX then I do. But, she is on facebook and netflix via it. We will have a computer shortly and will get Jessica back into full swing with blogging.

Baby and Pregnancy

As Jessica already mentioned, we are now expecting our #2. He is due at the end of June, and Jessica and baby are doing fine. Jessica for the most part is enjoying this pregnancy and it seems to be easier then Kyle's was. We do know it is a boy which is great since we have 8 boxes of 1-24 month boy clothes. He does have a name already, but I will wait for Jessica to let that one out.

Life in General

We are doing great in our new place and loving life. We are finally getting our heads above water for the first time in our marriage. I have been at my new job the Waldorf Astoria in Park City for 3 months now. This has been a great blessing for us as it has allowed Jessica to stay home and has helped me further my career within hotels. My little brother will be getting married in May and will be the last of my 4 brothers to do so. I am so happy for him and look forward to it. We will also be taking a family trip with Jessica's family in May, we are headed to Myrtle Beach for a week. I am looking forward to all of the fun activities as is Kyle, but Mommy is being a downer and is only focusing on how awful she will look in a bathing suit 8 months pregnant. Anyone have any cute maternity swim wear? We love our new house and neighborhood, we have lots of old people around us who love us!

So, we will have pictures soon of our new house, new baby and maybe even one of Jessica in a swimsuit. :)


Katie said...

I have a bathing suit you can use! I wore it during the summer I was pregnant with Joshua and it's super cute! Aqua and white are the colors. But, if you're not down with used bathing suits, I'm sure you can find it new at Motherhood. Congrats on another boy and a new house!!! How exciting!

Carl and Steph said...

The House: Congratulations!! Once the yard work begins, it NEVER STOPS!!!! What are the burning codes out there? Everyone here just burns all the debris piles they make. You can tell it's been a nice day for yard work by the smoke looming in the air.

Being a SAHM: Check out your local MOMS Club if you're looking for more daytime adult interaction. Frequent playdates and other activities for Kyle and time for you to chat with the ladies. Saved my life!

Swimsuit: Either cover it up or bare it all. String Bikini Top and Thong anyone? just kidding, that's nasty. Jessica, you will look WONDERFUL in whatever suit you don because a pregnant woman is a beautiful woman.

Rachelle said...

Thanks for the update! We were without internet for a little while too and I totally know how you are feeling Jessica. I felt so isolated and cut-off from everyone. Yay for another boy! I'm sure your boys will be able to play well together. Congrats as well on the house and the new job. The Lord is taking care of you guys!

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