We Fell Off the Face of the Planet...

but we're back! I apologize for being MIA for nearly a month, because if any of you are anything like me, you practically LIVE for blog updates...erm, maybe I'm just really lame, then. Unfortunately for you, this blog is going to be picture-free for right now because we managed to lose the computer cord for our camera and I'm unable to upload any of our super awesome pictures. Be assured, however, that adding pictures is of the highest priority for me. Now, I have a lot to catch up on, so this will be a long (and possibly boring) update post.

Christmas at the Christensen house was pretty great. Kyle understood the whole concept of "Santa" this year, so he was super excited about everything Santa brought him. We did talk about the REAL reason for the season as well, though, and he walked around talking about it being "Jesus birthday." He absolutely loves birthdays, even if it's not his, so I think he was especially tickled that it was a birthday...especially because EVERYONE gets presents on "Jesus' birthday." Opening presents with Kyle was such fun, because he was genuinely excited for everything he opened (even though he'd already seen most of the presents)...except the clothes. I caught a little bit of 2-year-old 'tude when he saw those. Anyway, we were all spoiled rotten by our extremely gracious families, and now I'm pretty sure we need a whole extra room just for Kyle's toys.
Kyle's cheesy Christmas grin
For New Year's Eve we had a fondue party with my family. We had lots of yummy food and lots of fun, and I managed AGAIN to fall asleep before midnight (Cole maintains that I've never been awake for a New Year's kiss since we've been married, but I'm pretty sure I've stayed awake for at least one...maybe).

Anyway, we've just been chugging along since, but my days and nights have been consumed with being a full-time mom. I never imagined I would love it this much. It's amazing how much Kyle's behavior has changed in the two and a half weeks that I've been home. He wasn't really a BAD kid before, but he's so much better now that we can have a regular schedule. Plus, we're actually having potty time every day (I've been DREADING potty training, because Kyle is extremely strong-willed and has resisted every effort we've made to this point) and he's actually asked to sit on the potty a few times! We haven't really caught anything yet, but I'm not worried. I'm taking it extremely slowly right now because anything faster would kick his resistance into high gear. Besides, my only goal is for him to be diaper-free by the time the baby comes, so I've still got 5 months. I'm confident we can achieve that goal.

Speaking of the baby, I'm still continually amazed by the differences in this pregnancy than from Kyle's pregnancy. I took a picture of my bump this week to compare with my picture from the same week during my first pregnancy, and I SWEAR I was bigger last time. I'll upload the pictures as soon as I can so everyone else can compare. Additionally, I've been so HUNGRY this time! I'm not constantly eating, but when I sit down to eat a meal, I EAT. I've never put away so much food in my life! What baffles me even more is that even though I eat my weight in food at every meal, my net weight gain so far is hovering between 0 and 2 pounds, depending on the day. I wish it was this hard for me to gain weight when I WASN'T pregnant! I know something's happening, though, because I busted out the maternity pants about two weeks ago. Anyway, I started feeling the little critter move about two weeks ago, and I almost missed it. Kyle's first movements felt more like the "popcorn popping" or "butterflies" that women talk about. With this baby, it felt more like stirring or squirming, so I almost discounted it because I was expecting something totally different. Plus, I've noticed less total movement this time. Maybe this child will be calmer than Kyle is. :) We've got another doctor's appointment this week, and it's possible that we'll have a gender ultrasound. I can confidently say that I've got a "reading" on this one, so I think I know what an ultrasound will say, but it will still be exciting to find out for sure.
Pregnant with Kyle at 16.5 weeks Pregnant this time at 16.5 weeks
In other exciting news, we'll be moving soon! We hit a few snags with the house, but it finally closed on Friday and we should be getting the keys on Wednesday! Our lease with the condo isn't up until March so we have some time to move gradually, which will be nice. We're also hoping to get some painting done before we move the bulk of our stuff in. I absolutely HATE moving, so I'm not really looking forward to it, but I just keep telling myself that this is the last time we'll move in probably 5 years and that keeps me trudging forward. We're extremely excited. Right now, the plan is to be completely into the house by the middle of February at the latest.

We're feeling especially blessed right now, and we're pretty sure this is our year!


Natalie Sadler said...

I was WONDERING this morning when you were coming back to earth. But I'm disappointed at the lack of pictures :) And you HAVE to blog about your new house! I LOVE looking at new houses!

JAEAEAJ said...

YES~ Super excited that you were able to get the house!!! Let us know if you need any help with any thing.

Brittany said...

Jess I can't really tell if your smaller or not because of the dress your wearing. You should put that same shirt on that you were wearing with Kyle..But as far as I know you are tiny for how far along you are.

<3 Aunt B

Carl and Steph said...

What a wonderful start to the new year! Just reading about your excitement gets me excited for you. Being an SAHM is great. I am amazed everyday by our son. It's a wonderful opportuinity to get to be there with your kiddos and see all of their achievements. And don't you just LOVE baby movement?

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