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First Trimester Thoughts

Tomorrow I'll be 13 weeks pregnant and "officially" out of my first trimester. I've done a lot of thinking about how this pregnancy has gone so far, and I can honestly say that I've been surprised. I know they say every pregnancy is different, even for the same woman, but I really expected some similarities between my two pregnancies. Here are some of my observations.

--My early pregnancy symptoms were not as pronounced this time. In fact, they weren't much different than the PMS symptoms I'd been having for months. The only reason I thought to take a test is because I was charting my BBT and my temperature had been elevated for 17 days (an elevated temp for 18 days almost always indicates pregnancy).

--I haven't been NEARLY as sick as I was with Kyle. With Kyle, I had constant, gut-wrenching nausea; this time, the nausea has been mild and really only noticeable if I let myself get too hungry. I got sick at least once a week (which isn't that bad, really) with Kyle; this time, I've been sick twice total.

--I've been far more tired this time around. I know some might say it's because I have a 2-year-old to chase around this time, but when I was pregnant with Kyle I was working and going to school full-time, which is pretty exhausting, too.

--I thought I'd start to show pretty early since this is my second pregnancy. I remember at this point in my pregnancy with Kyle I was already starting to look "fluffy" and feel uncomfortable in non-maternity clothes. This time around, my pants only feel snug if I have a big meal and have a "food baby" in addition to the real baby. I've only recently (i.e. in the last week or so) started to have a baby bump, and it's pretty small. (This could be because my body managed to "save" all of my lower abdomen baby fat--even losing all of my baby weight and then some didn't get rid of it!)

--I haven't gained any weight so far. I think I gained 5 or so pounds in my first trimester with Kyle.

--I've been a LOT more emotional this time...I cry at the end of pretty much any movie with a happy ending (Elf and Bolt have been the two most recent). I can't watch any movie about pregnancy or childbirth without falling apart. I cry at commercials, radio ads, billboards...anything with the smallest amount of sentiment, really.

--The skin on my face has been SO off-balance. I've always been extremely fortunate to have minimal acne and pretty regular skin. With Kyle, my skin got BETTER, if that was possible. With this pregnancy, I've gotten more zits, more blotchiness, and terrible dryness.

--My hair is not nearly as good this time around. With Kyle, I pretty much stopped losing hair (losing 100 strands a day is normal) and my hair got thick and shiny and just felt healthy. This time, I'm still losing hair like I normally do, and my hair's balance is just off. It doesn't take much to make it feel greasy or oily, and it just feels lifeless.

--My nose has been congested constantly. I haven't been sick more--my nose is just ALWAYS stuffed up. I read somewhere that this is normal in early pregnancy (due to excessive estrogen and expanding blood vessels), but it didn't happen when I was pregnant with Kyle.

--I've craved produce and peanut butter this time around. With Kyle, I craved salty foods, like peanuts and french fries (which contributed to my nearly-40-pound weight gain!). This time, all I really want is a nice, juicy, tart apple, or a couple of clementines. My super favorite has been celery sticks with peanut butter. Yum.

--I haven't gotten a solid vibe on what the sex of this baby is. I KNEW Kyle was going to be a boy. I knew before I even got pregnant that my first child was going to be a boy (actually, I knew before I even got married to Cole that I was going to have the first Christensen grandson, but that's another story...). Right now I'm leaning towards thinking this one is a girl, but that could be because my mom and grandma think it's a girl (because of how different this pregnancy is from Kyle's). Plus, I'd have to say that I hope this one's a girl (but I'd be perfectly happy with a boy, too!), so I'm not sure if my impressions are wishful or not.

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone! Someone once told me that being pregnant through the holidays always makes it go faster, and I think that's true. I have another doctor's appointment next Wednesday, and then, at my next appointment at the end of January, we could find out the sex of the baby!
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