Thanksgiving Weekend

We had an awesome Thanksgiving. It's actually been more like a whole week of festivities rather than just a weekend, actually.

Wednesday afternoon was our first appointment at the doctor to see our new little "Cantaloupe." It was pretty exciting to confirm that there was actually something IN there (I'd been afraid I'd be like Terri Schuester, if you get my Glee reference) and that he/she was growing on schedule. Everything looked great, and the doctor was pleased. We got to spend Wednesday evening just hanging out with Cole's parents, grandparents, and younger brother. All we did was sit around and play cards, but we had the best time.

We spent the big day itself with Cole's family. It was the first time we'd ever had Thanksgiving at his parents' house since we've been married, so it was fun to have a new experience. Dinner was FABULOUS, and I ate more than I probably should have. I was in charge of making the pies, and I ended up making WAY too many. I made two apple, two pumpkin, a coconut cream, and a chocolate buttercream. They turned out AMAZING, if I do say so myself. :)

Friday I actually had to work, but Cole hit the stores bright and early to get a few awesome deals. He actually got threatened by a lady over a $4 mini food processor!

Saturday was my brother's open house. He's leaving on his mission soon, so I helped my mom set up a GINORMOUS spread for friends and ward members to come give their well-wishes. We also listened to the all-important BYU-Utah game, and we were not disappointed by the outcome. Go Cougars!

Sunday was Nathan's farewell talk. He did an excellent job. My entire family provided the musical number, and we even mostly held it together (we're a HUGE bunch of criers). We had family over for lunch yesterday, and then crashed hard for a few hours.

Now, we have a couple of days to get back to "real life"--that is, until Wednesday. We have a fresh batch of family togetherness planned for Wednesday and Thursday, since Nathan leaves for Africa on Thursday morning.

We do have a bit of exciting news from the weekend: we're buying a house! Through a set of miracles, we've had our offer accepted on a cute split-level in West Valley that is just perfect for our growing family. We're meeting with our lender tomorrow, and if all goes as planned, we'll close before the end of the year. We honestly weren't sure if this would ever happen for us, so this is a huge blessing.

So, this year, we're thankful for many things. We're thankful for our healthy, happy two-year-old and for our "Cantaloupe" on the way; we're thankful for families who accept and love us unconditionally; we're thankful for the opportunity to buy a house; we're thankful for stable jobs; we're thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the many young men and women who are spreading it forth throughout the world; and we're thankful for each other and the prospect of etnernity.

We hope everyone else had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Danielle and the Boys said...

congrats on the house!!! crossing my fingers it works out! :)

Brad and Hailey said...

That's exciting about getting a house! And wow you are one busy chef! Sounds like you guys have had a wonderful year, and I'm glad everyone walked away whole after the food processor incident ;)

Carl and Steph said...

Yea for hubbies that brave the cold and early Black Friday morning!!

Yea for a house of your own! (Boo for the mortgage..)

I totally understand the thought of "am I really prego, or is it just a figment of my imagination?" I still forget about it until suddenly I have no energy and must lie down.

We're glad things are going great for you guys.

Natalie said...

congrats on buying a house! that is so exciting!

Natalie said...

wanted u to know that i gave u an award on my blog! excited for u guys too! now just blow some of that baby dust in this direction ; p

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