The Terrible Twos Begin

I can't believe my little guy is two! Where has the time gone?

We had a birthday party for Kyle on Saturday and invited his grandparents and all of his aunts and uncles. Luckily, everyone had a chance to stop by and wish Kyle a "happy birthday." He also got SPOILED beyond reason. We had cake and ice cream and lots of Kyle's favorite treats: M&Ms, Cheetos, mini marshmallows, Goldfish crackers, and Fruit Loops (for the record: I promise he eats real food. We don't just feed him junk all of the time).

It was pretty cute to watch Kyle. I'm not sure he fully grasped the concept of a "birthday" but he sure understood the presents and cake! He did keep saying "my birthday", though, so maybe he knew what was going on.
Gammy (Cole's mom) brought a Lightning McQueen cake for Kyle, which was just perfect and quite yummy. It kind of distressed Kyle at first (I think it worried him that "Lightning McQueen" was stuck on the cake), but after we sang and he blew out the candle he chilled out.
Gammy also brought this HUGE number 2 balloon. Kyle LOVES balloons, so he thought this was awesome. I'm pretty sure this balloon will float around our house forever, though. It's pretty sturdy.
I had to help Kyle open his presents, since every time he opened one he'd stop and want to play with it. My mom bought him some Buzz Lightyear shoes that light up when he walks. After testing them out by hitting the bottoms to see them light up, he insisted that I put them on him immediately.

Cole's brother, Jon, and his wife got Kyle this ginormous, TALKING Buzz Lightyear toy...that doesn't turn off. Kyle, of course, loves it. We're starting to hate it.
My brother, Chris, and his wife got Kyle this AWESOME red Radio Flyer tricycle. Kyle's been riding all over the house on this thing. We've just got to teach him how to use the pedals and then he'll be in business!
Cole's brother Dave and his family got Kyle his very first Transformers toy! Kyle LOVES Bumblebee, so this toy was mega appropriate. The coolest thing about it: it transforms by itself! You set it on its end and it turns into the robot, then you set it on its bottom and it turns back into the car. Pretty sweet.
My mom stained this little table and chairs set for Kyle's room, and it turned out so adorable! Kyle loves having a place to sit that is just his size.
Kyle got three of his (current) favorite movies from two of his uncles. Cole's brother, Adam, got Kyle Monsters vs. Aliens, and my brother, Nathan, got him Monsters Inc. and The Incredibles. Chances are, if Kyle's watching a movie, it's one of these three.
Kyle LOVES games. My brother, Daniel, bought Kyle a box of dice (because Kyle will carry dice around and think he's playing a game) and this sweet tire-stacking game featuring Luigi from Cars.
My sister, Stephanie, bought Kyle a little play tent...which Kyle now sleeps in (almost) every night. He also likes to watch one of his favorite three movies in there.
Gammy and Bumpy (Cole's parents) got Kyle this HUGE Tonka fire truck. There's even a knob to turn the lights on and off and one to make the ladder move.
Cole's brother, James, and his family gave Kyle a sweet hot rod. The wheel rims light up, it plays music, and it goes by itself.
My brother, Nathan, also got Kyle this shake 'n go Doc Hudson. You shake it, it talks to you, and then it drives by itself. It's pretty cool.

What did Mommy and Daddy give Kyle? Well, we gave him the boring stuff. We actually got him a little truck potty (which makes truck sounds when he, you know, goes) and tiny underpants with his favorite Pixar characters on them. We're hoping to start introducing him to the potty and getting him comfortable with it so potty training can commence. My parents actually gave him a cute "potty book" to help get that started, too.

It turned out to be a really fun day.


Family Pictures

My family had pictures taken last month, and we FINALLY got to see them! I don't have any that I can post right now, but if you want to take a look, pop on over to this website, click on "Proofs," and then on "Kenner Family." Cindi got some great pictures of us, including Kyle, who (wouldn't you know it) decided to be Mr. Grumpy Pants the whole time.

BE ADVISED: they are still just proofs, so don't expect them to look perfect. I plan on having her take out a couple of chins and the spare tire I have hanging around my middle. :)
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