Good News!

Cole got promoted!
He will soon be employed at the Dakota Mountain Lodge & Golden Door Spa (part of the Waldorf Astoria collection) in Park City! He has been offered the position of Reservations Supervisor there.
We're really excited. Our hotels are experiencing the consequences of the bad economy, so it's been tough the last few months (one downside to both of us working in the same industry). Since the Dakota Mountain Lodge is a resort, and we're quickly approaching ski season, Cole is guaranteed to be extremely busy. Oh, and there's also a pay raise. :)
Plus, once Sundance time rolls around, he's sure to meet someone spectacular...the Dakota Mountain Lodge is THE premier Park City hotel, and I'm sure all of the diva movie stars will be frequenting the spa (which happens to be the ORIGINAL destination spa and a leader in the industry for 50 years).
Seriously though, I'm very proud of Cole. He is moving forward in his dream career and is doing his best to become an indispensable asset to his company. He works so hard and contributes so much, and I'm so happy that he's finally being recognized. I know he'll do a spectacular job in Park City.


Brad and Hailey said...

Hey that's awesome! Congrats!!!

Carl and Steph said...

So does that mean that you'll get discounted spa treatments? If so, that'd be sweeeeeet!

Jessica said...

Steph: I wish! A pedicure there is something like $250, so even a discount would be too rich for my blood!

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