The Circus, A Calling, and Africa

We've had a busy weekend!

Saturday I got to attend a baby shower for my very dear friend Devri, which was so much fun! I realized you can find a friend in the person you least expect. Thanks, Ruth, for making me feel less socially inept. :)

Saturday afternoon we took Kyle to his first (and my first, actually) circus downtown. We went with two of Cole's brothers and their families. It was SO much fun! I think we're going to make it a new family tradition. Tickets were actually cheaper than I thought it would be, too (turns out they don't need to charge lots of money for tickets--they get you on the food, souvenirs, etc. that you just HAVE to buy for your kids). Kyle was so funny--the first half he just sat on either Cole's or my lap just watching. I think it was all a little overwhelming for him because there was so much going on. The second half, though, we let him sit by his 5-year-old cousin Ana (whom he ADORES), which seemed to perk him up. He danced and clapped and cheered and waved at the animals and had a grand old time. He really enjoyed riding TRAX, too, so the night was a hit for Kyle.

The only depressing thing about the circus? Realizing the animals they use most likely live a hundred times better than we do when they're not performing.

Sunday morning at church, we achieved a milestone: Kyle stayed in nursery by himself for all of the second hour with minimal crying! He probably would have stayed through the third hour too, but when we stopped by to check on him through the window, some other parents were checking on their own children and they opened the door (WHY WHY WHY?!?) and, amidst all the other children trying to escape, Kyle saw us and broke down. Still, we're making progress. It's a good thing that Kyle will stay during the second hour, because...

Cole and I finally got a calling after being in the ward for 6 months. We have been asked to teach Marriage and Family Relations. We were both surprised and humbled by the assignment, but I think we're pretty excited, too. I decided we got this calling because our marriage needs some shaping up, since it can't be because we're the resident experts on marriage and family relationships after only 3 years. :) It'll definitely be a good experience for us. Hopefully we don't scare the single people in our ward away from marriage.

On Sunday afternoon we had the opportunity to visit with a lovely woman from Sierra Leone (where my brother Nathan will soon be serving his mission). It was an absolutely amazing experience. She lived through a civil war in the late 1990s and saw horrendous things happen to her family members, she found the gospel in Freetown, and, through a series of miracles, served a mission in Temple Square. She lives in Utah now and travels all over the country sharing her story with members of the church, especially those with missionaries serving in or going to Sierra Leone. It was a powerful witness to me of the effects of the humanitarian and missionary efforts of the members of the church.

And that's our weekend recap. Can anyone else believe it's OCTOBER on Thursday?!? Where has the year gone?


Brad and Hailey said...

I know! Crazy how the summer is gone! It went way too fast for me. I'm so excited for Devri! And I am glad you got to experience the Circus and had a great time! :)

Ruth said...

It was wonderful to talk to you at the shower. I'm glad we got the chance to chat. :)

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