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Insurance: system whereby individuals and companies concerned about potential hazards pay premiums to an insurance company, which reimburses (in whole or part) them in the event of loss.

Water is a potential hazard to cell phones. Water also covers 70% of the earth's surface--and that doesn't include water in plumbing fixtures, bottled beverages, etc. So, I'd say water is a SIGNIFICANT potential hazard to cell phones. In fact, I'd wager a guess that 70% (at least) of damage to cell phones is caused by water, making it the single biggest hazard to cell phones. You'd think that someone developing an insurance policy for something would include a provision for the biggest hazard...otherwise, why even have insurance? That's like homeowner's insurance for mobile homes in Kansas not covering tornado damage.

Obviously, I'm frustrated. Both Cole's and my BlackBerrys died a terrible death this week. His went swimming in the (clean) toilet water, and mine got sneezed on by a bottle of Sierra Mist (as in, the amount of liquid that came into contact with my phone was about the volume of liquid released in a sneeze). No amount of resuscitation could resurrect them.

I'm especially angry about mine. The tiniest bit of liquid and it fritzes out. To be fair, though, it did take a swim of its own in the toilet in April...three whole days after I got it. Fortunately, my techno-whiz brother-in-law was able to take it apart and dry it out. It worked like a charm after that. But still! Argh!

We had to scramble to find old, beat-up phones to use until we can scrape together the money to buy ourselves new phones...that'll take somewhere around a million years.

Of course, maybe we're just better off using the crappy phones. At least we can't do too much damage to them.

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Natalie Sadler said...

Ha . . . haha . . . funny story:

My FIL was sending a text while using the bathroom. As he went to flush, he threw his phone in the toilet--into the DIRTY water--and continued to flush, not knowing what he'd done. He fished it out, yes, took it apart and dried it. He just doesn't hold it closer than an inch from his face anymore. LOLOL!!!!

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