Family: Isn't It About Time?

We had family dinner on Sunday night at Cole's parents house, which was a blast! We got to enjoy Bumpy's famous ribs (yum!) and Kyle got to play (read: roughouse) with his cousins.

The kids playing with Kyle's laptop

Jumping on the trampoline (Good supervising, Cole!)

Kyle looking in Gammy's kaleidoscope

Kyle hugging his buddy, Riker...

which quickly escalated into a wrestling match (yes, my son is strangling his cousin)

Sage "refereeing"

All the kids in their jammies

Gammy and her boys (with Kyle attempting to escape)

We had a lot of fun! It's especially nice for Kyle to get to play with his cousins. He's still the only grandchild on my side, so he doesn't have a lot of "kid" social skills (hence the strangling). Thanks to Bumpy and Gammy and Dave and Jill and their kids for a great evening!

1 comment:

Melinda said...

Good to see you had good time with Cole's family. Don't you love Knottymoose designs? So cute!

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