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Insurance: system whereby individuals and companies concerned about potential hazards pay premiums to an insurance company, which reimburses (in whole or part) them in the event of loss.

Water is a potential hazard to cell phones. Water also covers 70% of the earth's surface--and that doesn't include water in plumbing fixtures, bottled beverages, etc. So, I'd say water is a SIGNIFICANT potential hazard to cell phones. In fact, I'd wager a guess that 70% (at least) of damage to cell phones is caused by water, making it the single biggest hazard to cell phones. You'd think that someone developing an insurance policy for something would include a provision for the biggest hazard...otherwise, why even have insurance? That's like homeowner's insurance for mobile homes in Kansas not covering tornado damage.

Obviously, I'm frustrated. Both Cole's and my BlackBerrys died a terrible death this week. His went swimming in the (clean) toilet water, and mine got sneezed on by a bottle of Sierra Mist (as in, the amount of liquid that came into contact with my phone was about the volume of liquid released in a sneeze). No amount of resuscitation could resurrect them.

I'm especially angry about mine. The tiniest bit of liquid and it fritzes out. To be fair, though, it did take a swim of its own in the toilet in April...three whole days after I got it. Fortunately, my techno-whiz brother-in-law was able to take it apart and dry it out. It worked like a charm after that. But still! Argh!

We had to scramble to find old, beat-up phones to use until we can scrape together the money to buy ourselves new phones...that'll take somewhere around a million years.

Of course, maybe we're just better off using the crappy phones. At least we can't do too much damage to them.


Forgiveness and Forgetting

So I have been thinking about this topic a great deal the past year or so, and thought I would formulate it into a blog post. Now once again this is not directed at any particular person in my life, it mostly about others, but I am only eligible to write this post because I have suffered through years of trying to pardon those that have done me wrong, and the harder part of forgetting. Now to bring this topic to order let me state my thought and give some example. Then let’s try to wrap it up with some good quotes and personal experience.

How do you honestly forgive someone? How do you take something for what it is worth and move on? Here is my point, how many of us have truly forgiven people of there trespasses? I myself believe that most of us paint a resolution in just going through the motions of saying I’m sorry or I forgive you. In my own life, I can tell you that I have had some people do some things that would need some forgiving. My problem is that I try to brush it off as not a big deal, and voice it to the person that I am over it or have moved on with no hard feelings. In that way the person responsible feels forgiven and can now move on in there own steps of repentance. But, with in me it still turns and boils, not truly forgiving, but no one knows it but me. Well one day those feelings boil over and hurt that person even more. Why hold onto the pain and feelings of hate and disgust?

For me I had to put myself in the picture and evaluate my life, am I truly happy with the choice of not forgiving. Once you put that in the picture, the outcome is vastly different. You find that you are not as “good” as you thought you were. Once you see the improvements you need in your own life, it clears way for forgiving. True happiness comes from letting go of the past no matter what and looking forward till tomorrow, cherishing every moment as if you had no tomorrow. You can’t do that unless you let go of all the anger and grudges and bitterness that hold you back from being happy.

We are taught to forgive all, so that is what we should do no matter how hard it is. Just let it go and move on. I know from personal application that if you just forgive, forget and move on like nothing happened, you will be happier than you were before.

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Gandhi

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” – Paul Boese

So be the strong person, be the first to forgive, but honestly forgive don’t expect someone else to do it first, do it yourself, for you! You can’t change the past, you can only take the experiences and turn them into life lessons and build from them. Making you more prepared for future experiences.


Family: Isn't It About Time?

We had family dinner on Sunday night at Cole's parents house, which was a blast! We got to enjoy Bumpy's famous ribs (yum!) and Kyle got to play (read: roughouse) with his cousins.

The kids playing with Kyle's laptop

Jumping on the trampoline (Good supervising, Cole!)

Kyle looking in Gammy's kaleidoscope

Kyle hugging his buddy, Riker...

which quickly escalated into a wrestling match (yes, my son is strangling his cousin)

Sage "refereeing"

All the kids in their jammies

Gammy and her boys (with Kyle attempting to escape)

We had a lot of fun! It's especially nice for Kyle to get to play with his cousins. He's still the only grandchild on my side, so he doesn't have a lot of "kid" social skills (hence the strangling). Thanks to Bumpy and Gammy and Dave and Jill and their kids for a great evening!


Breaking the Blogging Dry Spell

I kinda took an unexpected hiatus from blogging. I've been in an unimaginative, dispassionate place the last few weeks, which left me with topics neither quirky nor controversial about which to blog...and none of the remaining topics sounded even remotely interesting to ME. After a week and a half of vaycay and some recent happenings, my mind is cluttered with some jumbled thoughts. So, it's time for a...

(what lucky readers you are today)

--Vaycay is wonderful! My family journeyed to the far off land of Pagosa Springs, Colorado for a week of relaxation and fun. We stayed at a Wyndham resort in a two-bedroom plus loft condo and had a total blast! All of my siblings save one were there (and his wife came, so for all intents and purposes the whole "fam damily" was there), which was nice, since that will probably be our last entire family vacation for a while, because...

--My little bro #2 got his mission call a couple of weeks ago...to Sierra Leone. If you don't know where that is, it's on the coast of West Africa. AFRICA! I don't think anyone expected a call like that. He reports to the MTC in Ghana, so my parents and he get to jump through the logistical hoops required for foreign travel for not just one country, but TWO. Good thing he doesn't leave until December--they're probably going to need all of that time to get passports and visas approved.

--Having a baby turned me into a baby. Seriously. I cry at commercials. I cry at radio jingles. I cry at warm-fuzzy news stories. Lately, I've been crying when I hear any song that reminds me of little bro #2.

--My family is the shiz. 'Nuff said.

--My one and only sister is moving in with us during her final year at BYU. I'm psyched, and not just because it'll be like having a live-in babysitter. She's the bomb dizzle. However, in order for BYU to recognize our house as "BYU-approved housing," Cole and I have to sign a paper stating we'll live the honor code. For some reason, I find that hugely amusing.

--My family is the shiz, but Cole's family (or, parts of it, at least) are acting like shiz. His family is dysfunctional at best, and, at any given time, we have at least one of his 4 brothers angry at us. Which one it is changes on almost a weekly basis. Luckily for us, we're not really mad at anyone right now, which is good, because...

--I've come to a realization that my relationship with Heavenly Father is drastically affected by my attitude toward others. I can't feel good about my standing with God if I'm experiencing anger or resentment toward someone else, even if that anger is justified. How can I expect God to forgive me if I can't even find it in myself to forgive others? Plus, the feeling of a weight lifting off my chest when I just LET THINGS GO is relief unlike anything I've ever felt.

--I don't understand the justification for being childish. I don't understand the merit in being vindictive. I don't understand the good in holding a grudge against someone far longer than either party can remember the initial offense. "I'm right, you're wrong, and I'll hate you until you admit that" is a terrible attitude to have, especially toward a family member.

--I think it's funny how people let their virtual relationships stand in for their actual relationships. I've recently had people remove me from their friends list on Facebook, which means, "I'm mad at you in real life." These are people with whom I have sparse social interaction anyway, so it's absolutely ridiculous that my feelings were HURT when this happened.

--I want another baby. Apparently, other people want me to have another baby too, because I'm constantly asked, "When are you going to have another baby?" Like it's anyone else's business anyway. I've started telling those inquisitors, "Well, Cole and I are doing our part, so it's really up to God now." There's no better way to make people feel uncomfortable than to bring sex into casual conversation.

--I still hate the word "prego." Funnily enough, the spoof blog "Seriously, So Blessed!" posted this yesterday. A-MAZING.

--Sunburn is c to the rappy. Peeling is l to the ame. I feel like a lizard right now.

I think my train of thought is derailed. Or possibly deranged. Or both.
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