Topic of Discussion: Modesty in Wear

So here I am again blogging in place of Jessica, but hopefully this will bring out a Jessica-ish post.
While at church today, I was sitting in Sunday school by myself while Jessica attended nursery with our insubordinate son. While waiting for the lesson to start a cluster of the ladies in our ward sat down near me. Now I understand ones desire to “look good” for one self or others, but there needs to be a line. Anyway, they sat down one in front of me, and two beside me. The one in front of me was wearing a nice dress that went down to mid thigh! One of the ladies next to me spent the whole time trying to cover up her LDS under garments, and the other one spent the whole time re-rolling her LDS under garment sleeves as for them to stop showing. I see it more and more in wards and branches, the clothing is not adjusted to cover the under garment, the under garment is adjusted to not show under the clothing.

“Modesty in dress is a quality of mind and heart, born of respect for oneself, one’s fellowmen, and the Creator of us all. Modesty reflects an attitude of humility, decency, and propriety.”
– Elder L. Tom Perry

This brings me to the real topic, swimwear modesty. Jessica has followed a very informative blog that focuses on LDS women, and they had this topic for a discussion. Some of the discussions were as follows; why can’t I dress in a bikini on the beach? I’m not breaking any commandments. Or, I have worked hard for this body, why shouldn’t I show it off? Now Jessica and I of course are not anywhere close to having bodies stunning enough for this to be an issue. As Jessica puts it, she wishes she could find a swimsuit that covers from mid arm to mid calf. I am purchasing a wetsuit for her for Christmas. But, as for most other people, the ones that have elegant bodies and feel good about it, they have their own reasons for why they dress the way they do while attending the beach or pool.

I can tell you the classic answers on why it is wrong, like men look at you in lust, and you must respect your body, your body is a temple. Now as clich├ęd and “For the Strength of Youth” it sounds it is true. It comes down to that, if you have ever listened to a Prophet or an Apostle speak it is not: “You must dress modestly in all things, as long as your garments don’t show or you feel good in what you are wearing.” No, it is:

“In the past year or so we have noticed a dramatic change in the way some of our members are dressing. Styles in clothing change; fads come and go; but if the dress styles are immodest, it is important that we avoid them. When you dress modestly, you show respect for your Heavenly Father and for yourself. At this time, when dress fashions are styled after the skimpy clothing some of the current movie and music idols are wearing, it may be difficult to find modest apparel in clothing stores. However, it is possible, and it is important. The Apostle Paul declared: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? … The temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” You know the truth; live it. - President Thomas S. Monson

So that is what I say, you know the truth live it! There should not be any rational good reason why you should allow yourself to drop the standards you live every day. There is no reason for any member of the church teen or adult should be dressing inappropriate in any wear of life. You know what is right and what you should be doing, so why disobey? If we stretch our obedience on one of the “lesser commandments” like modesty, word of wisdom and tithing etc... We lose the spirit which is the only thing that is there to remind us of our responsibilities as members of the Church.

Stepping down and hope to get some comments, then hopefully Jessica will have a more intelligent follow up post.


Natalie Sadler said...

Cole, I'm actually glad we got a guy's point of view on this issue.

This is something I am seeing a lot more of every day. And I see so many of my friends (the ones with sleek, gorgeous bodies) decide to wear bikinis while I am often the only one in a "granny bathing suit." I used to feel like I was old-fashioned (thus, the "granny") for not having a skimpy little thing, and I never went and got one, but I always felt left out and weird.

I'm glad I never gave in.

Thanks again for the guy's perspective!

Rachelle said...

Thanks for that much needed post. I think it's good to get back to the "why" of modesty. It is an outward expression of an inward commitment/attitude.

Charles and Emily Hope said...

I liked this post. It is something I have been thinking a lot about as well. It really is a big issue. I think a lot of the problems start with mothers who are more interested in having their girls be popular and being best friends with them than teaching them gospel principles. I am grateful for my mom (and my big brothers) who actually talked to me about modesty before it became a big issue. Good thing we are having a boy first! Whew!

Charles and Emily Hope said...

Thanks Jessica! Wow! I actually mess that up a lot because it was so close to 2008... Anyway, let me know if you see any other blaring mistakes!

Carl and Steph said...

I sit here in my newly purchased knee length shorts. Unfortunately they are not "knee length" enough. Thanks for the reminder on not rationalizing your wardrobe if it rides up JUST a little too high. I will now be changing and hopefully find some different, more appropriate shorts.

Bubba said...

I've actually never heard any of those quotes form prophets and apostles...its nice to hear them I appreciate the touching blog.

Love your sister Brittany

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