New Mouth to Feed!

We have a new resident.

Cole's brother Jon brought this kitten home for us yesterday. As far as we know, it's a female (according to the people giving kittens away for free outside our Walmart) but I'm not taking their word for it. When we adopted Chubs the lady told us he was a female, so he got called "she" until we took him to the vet to get spayed and found out he needed to be neutered instead. I'm hoping he wasn't scarred emotionally. :) So, for now, the kitten has a gender-androgynous name: Pumpkin.

In case you were wondering, we've gotten both of our pets' names from movie quotes. Chubs' is from Happy Gilmore: "That's pretty sick, Chubs." Pumpkin is from Hitch: "I will literally 'break your S*** off' if you ever touch me again. Okay, pumpkin?" We say "Okay, pumpkin?" all the time at our house, so it seemed like a good fit for our newest family member. I'm afraid our next pet will be named "Stuff", since we say, "Somebody's throwin' stuff" (from The Emperor's New Groove) just as frequently. :)

Anyway, it's definitely going to be an adjustment for us. We not only have to get Pumpkin acclimated to our house, but we also have to get Chubs and Pumpkin acclimated to each other. We've tried to keep them separate as much as possible, but a couple of times they've ended up in the same room, resulting in hissing, yowling, and bottle-brush tails. We got Pumpkin closed off in our laundry room to give him/her/it some time to get used to the house. Hopefully in a few days we can try to reintroduce them.

Kyle thinks Pumpkin is the greatest thing ever. He followed her around while she investigated our house, he tried to climb under chairs to pet her, he tried to climb on my lap to sit by her when I was holding her...if she stops being scared of him I think they'll be best friends!

We're taking him/her/it to get shots on Saturday so we'll know for sure of the sex by then. I don't think I can handle having 2 emotionally scarred pets. :)


Natalie Sadler said...

They just need a little time. Filo and Stella hated each other for about a month, but they eventually got used to each other. My sister has four cats--all from different times, and they love each other after a few days!

Brad and Hailey said...

Aw! Pumpkin is so cute! I hope the cats get along soon!

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