Happy Mother's Day!

So here I go sitting here at work on Mother's Day. That would not be a problem, except I totally forgot to do anything for my wife for Mother's Day! So here is my attempt at groveling at her feet. So this morning I woke up and was not quite ready to wake up, so I did what I do quite often, and laid in bed until my dear wife had to remind me to get up. Meanwhile she showered herself and Kyle and got herself and Kyle ready for church. I being very grumpy, had breakfast with Kyle totally forgetting to recognize Mother's Day to Jessica.

It took me until we were pulling into church with Kyle screaming in the back seat to realize it was MOTHER'S DAY. So, to try and redeem myself I told her "Happy Mother's Day" as she wrestled Kyle out of his car seat. I don't think it took. Anyway, I did take Kyle out during Sacrament Meeting and stayed with him in nursery so Jessica could enjoy the uplifting messages of Mother's Day. As we got home, I once again failed. Instead of getting Kyle down for a nap and cleaning up lunch I fell asleep up until we had to leave to take me to work. Now finally at work I realized how much of a (word I should not use on this blog) I am!

So, here goes my little speech about my dear wife and mother of my child. Jessica is amazing. She is an amazing mother to Kyle and will be to our future children. I bet she thinks she is a mother of four these days due to the two cats needing all the extra attention and refereeing. Of course me as well, I currently have a very dysfunctional family and I can only imagine how much that must stress on her sanity. As much as I don't want to admit it, I am my mother's son, and have her same faults at times. So instead of being the ideal husband that she probably always dreamed of having, she is stuck with me and all my imperfections. That is why I love her so much, she means the world to me. I would not be the person I am now without my better half. She has the best mother qualities that I always wanted in a spouse. She has that motherly radar and knows when I need a break from our perfect little angel of a child! She knows when I lie no matter what! She knows when I need her the most and is always there. I love her with all of my heart. Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Cole

Now Kyle would like to say a few words:
Dear Mommy,
I love you very much, thank you for always wanting to play with me! Thank you for taking me to really cool places and spending time with me!

Thank you for being there when I fall down and get an owie, you always pick me up and give me loves. Most of all, thank you for being the best mommy ever!

Love, Kyle

PS. from Daddy. Jessica I guess I should return that movie you told me to return two days ago!

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