Bored x 3

Ever have one of these days?

Or...maybe one of these?
Or...my personal favorite...one of these?
Yeah, I've got that going on today. It's a Wednesday, I'm at work, and time is CRAWLING. I'm pretty sure the clock on my computer is stuck in the nine o'clock hour and I'm reliving it a la Groundhog Day.

Let's kill the boredom, shall we?

1. Go to Google.
2. Type your name followed by "likes to" in quotations ("Jessica likes to")
3. Report back the first 10 things that come up.

*drum roll please*

1. Jessica likes to think she's a Ghetto Gangsta 2. Ha! Ha ha ha! I think Google is a mind reader.
2. Jessica likes to drip. Eww. Not really sure what to think on this one.
3. Jessica likes to start her day with a t-bone steak or two. That would explain the extra 30 pounds I'm carrying around. Better cut back on THAT habit.
4. Jessica likes to read, paint, play Frisbee wiht Kerby, play softball and volleyball, and bake desserts... True...but only if I'm playing Frisbee with Kerby from Rigby. (Catch the lame movie reference, y'all?)
5. Jessica likes to hurt people on Flickr. I'm not really sure I know how to hurt people on Flickr.
6. Jessica likes to try new looks all the time. Umm...no. I wish I were that brave.
7. Jessica likes to keep her clothes on. True...well, some of the time. *blush*
8. Jessica likes to skate and play outside. Play outside? Yes. Skate? Not so much.
9. Jessica likes to visit New York. I would, if I had the time/money/means.
10. Jessica likes to sing. Boring, but true.

Wow...I learned so much about myself...or, rather, I learned so much about Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson, about whom most of these articles were (???).

Did I seriously just write that sentence? I know one is not supposed to end phrases with a preposition ("What you should have said is, 'Where are you from, moron?'" I know, I know! Enough with the movie references!). But, SERIOUSLY. That was a terrible sentence. Let's rewind:

dniwer s'teL .ecnetnes elbirret a saw tahT .YLSUOIRES ,tuB .(!secnerefer eivom eht htiw hguonE !wonk I ,wonk I "'?norom ,morf uoy era erehW' ,si dias evah dluohs uoy tahW") noitisoperp a htiw sesarhp dne ot desoppus ton si eno wont I ?ecnetnes taht etirw tsuj ylsuoires I diD .(???) erew selcitra eseht fo tsom mohw tuoba ,nospmiS acisseJ dna leiB acisseJ tuoba hcum os denrael I ,rehtar ,ro...flesym tuoba hcum os denrael I...woW.


Wow...I learned so much about myself...or rather, I learned so much about Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson, whom most of these articles were about.

Say it with me, people...*ahh* Bad yet functional grammar is so refreshing, is it not?

On that note, I think I've completely lost my mind.

But on the plus side, my computer clock now says 10:23 am. It's Groundhog Day no more, my friends!
Someone please save me!


Natalie Sadler said...

"Kirby from Rigby likes to play frisbee!" "You . . . you're dumping me? For a VACUUM CLEANER?!"

Hahaha. Maybe when I'm bored (which doesn't happen anymore, sadly) I'll do the same thing lol

Danielle and the Boys said...

you crack me up-i'm bored too. but i'm just stuck at home with the dude. Which isn't so bad in itself but he's whining and crying to go outside and of course, its pouring rain out there. Almost nap time.... ;) good luck today!

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