Monkey See, Monkey Do

This little guy...
cracks me up every day! He's really into a mimicking phase, so he copies almost everything we do and say. Yesterday I was having a bit of a frustration fit, and I walked into our bedroom to see Kyle holding my car keys, studiously trying to put them into the internet jack in the wall. Cute, but dangerous, if he should decide to try and put them into an electrical outlet. So I ran over there and said, "Seriously, Kyle?" Much to my surprise, he smiled and said "seriously?" right back to me! That was too much for me to handle, and I started laughing, which made Kyle laugh because he realized that he was funny. He also made me chuckle on our way home yesterday. I was talking to my mom on the phone, and when I turned around to check on Kyle, he had his hand up to his ear and he was jabbering away like he was on the phone, too.

Oh, and here's our nomination for the worst parents of the year award: this morning when we pulled up to McDonald's to get a quick breakfast before I had to go to work, I looked back to see Kyle excitedly signing "eat", clapping his hands, and kicking his feet with a huge grin on his face. We must go to McDonald's far too often...

(Okay, it's really not more than a couple of times a month...I promise! My kid is just too smart for his own good.)


Kitties Update

So...remember how I was worried about the cats getting along?

Cole texted me some pictures today...

and, the cuter one:

If you can't tell, Chubs is cleaning Pumpkin in the second one.

Apparently they're buddies now.
Seriously though, they get along really well. Almost TOO well...we have to keep our bedroom door shut at night, because the cats have been chasing each other all over the house and we get run all over if we leave it open. They wrestle and play all the time, and Cole tells me this isn't the first time he's seen them cuddle. I'm glad that they're friends.
Now, if only Kyle had a buddy to play with...


Discussion, Please!

I want to start up a discussion. When I was at work today, I ran across this article:

Judge Rules Family Can't Refuse Chemo for Boy

If you don't want to read the entire story, I'll give you a recap: a judge ruled that a family must seek conventional medical treatment for their son, who has Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The family was pursuing alternative medical treatments as prescribed by the Nemenhah Band, which seems to be a religious/spiritual group that advocates natural supplements and treatments to heal disease rather than conventional Western medicine. The boy is 13 years old.

I've actually seen several stories like this in the news lately: a family rejects Western medicine for their children due to spiritual or religious beliefs, are taken to court by child protection workers for abuse and "medical neglect", and are forced to seek modern medical attention.

I am appalled that the government stripped these people of their First Amendment right to freedom of religion. The government is forcing these people to go against their spiritual/religious beliefs, which is completely wrong, and completely unconstitutional. Plus, I abhor it when the government tells people how to raise their children.


In this 13-year-old boy's case, he reportedly has a 90% chance of survival with chemotherapy and radiation but only a 5% chance without those treatments. There is quite a drastic difference in those odds. I am firmly of the belief that medical advances are for our good, and, therefore, ordained of God (see my earlier post with a similar vein). I think his parents are jeopardizing his life for the sake of their religious/spiritual beliefs. Since this boy is a minor, his parents are still primarily responsible for making his medical decisions, so, in this instance, they very literally hold his life in their hands. Even if he were allowed to make his own medical decisions, he is still young and impressionable. It's not likely he would have considered other options besides the one his parents have prescribed. I don't think any child should die of a treatable disease because his/her parents make the choice for him/her to forgo medical treatment.

So on one hand, I disagree with the judge...but on the other, I completely agree.

Many people are so blindly motivated by their religious/spiritual beliefs that they abandon all logic and common sense to follow them (see the Heaven's Gate movement for an example). My question is, when should the government step in and save people from harming themselves (or their children!) due to extreme religious/spiritual beliefs? And, who declares what is harmful? After all, I'm sure many people would classify Mormonism as harmful, to a degree, and I would hate to see the government step in to "save" me. Plus, if the government starts invalidating religions for the sake of their followers, what's to say they won't prohibit religion altogether?

So, I'm having a hard time reconciling these ideas. What does everyone else think?


Bored x 3

Ever have one of these days?

Or...maybe one of these?
Or...my personal favorite...one of these?
Yeah, I've got that going on today. It's a Wednesday, I'm at work, and time is CRAWLING. I'm pretty sure the clock on my computer is stuck in the nine o'clock hour and I'm reliving it a la Groundhog Day.

Let's kill the boredom, shall we?

1. Go to Google.
2. Type your name followed by "likes to" in quotations ("Jessica likes to")
3. Report back the first 10 things that come up.

*drum roll please*

1. Jessica likes to think she's a Ghetto Gangsta 2. Ha! Ha ha ha! I think Google is a mind reader.
2. Jessica likes to drip. Eww. Not really sure what to think on this one.
3. Jessica likes to start her day with a t-bone steak or two. That would explain the extra 30 pounds I'm carrying around. Better cut back on THAT habit.
4. Jessica likes to read, paint, play Frisbee wiht Kerby, play softball and volleyball, and bake desserts... True...but only if I'm playing Frisbee with Kerby from Rigby. (Catch the lame movie reference, y'all?)
5. Jessica likes to hurt people on Flickr. I'm not really sure I know how to hurt people on Flickr.
6. Jessica likes to try new looks all the time. Umm...no. I wish I were that brave.
7. Jessica likes to keep her clothes on. True...well, some of the time. *blush*
8. Jessica likes to skate and play outside. Play outside? Yes. Skate? Not so much.
9. Jessica likes to visit New York. I would, if I had the time/money/means.
10. Jessica likes to sing. Boring, but true.

Wow...I learned so much about myself...or, rather, I learned so much about Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson, about whom most of these articles were (???).

Did I seriously just write that sentence? I know one is not supposed to end phrases with a preposition ("What you should have said is, 'Where are you from, moron?'" I know, I know! Enough with the movie references!). But, SERIOUSLY. That was a terrible sentence. Let's rewind:

dniwer s'teL .ecnetnes elbirret a saw tahT .YLSUOIRES ,tuB .(!secnerefer eivom eht htiw hguonE !wonk I ,wonk I "'?norom ,morf uoy era erehW' ,si dias evah dluohs uoy tahW") noitisoperp a htiw sesarhp dne ot desoppus ton si eno wont I ?ecnetnes taht etirw tsuj ylsuoires I diD .(???) erew selcitra eseht fo tsom mohw tuoba ,nospmiS acisseJ dna leiB acisseJ tuoba hcum os denrael I ,rehtar ,ro...flesym tuoba hcum os denrael I...woW.


Wow...I learned so much about myself...or rather, I learned so much about Jessica Biel and Jessica Simpson, whom most of these articles were about.

Say it with me, people...*ahh* Bad yet functional grammar is so refreshing, is it not?

On that note, I think I've completely lost my mind.

But on the plus side, my computer clock now says 10:23 am. It's Groundhog Day no more, my friends!
Someone please save me!


Happy Mother's Day!

So here I go sitting here at work on Mother's Day. That would not be a problem, except I totally forgot to do anything for my wife for Mother's Day! So here is my attempt at groveling at her feet. So this morning I woke up and was not quite ready to wake up, so I did what I do quite often, and laid in bed until my dear wife had to remind me to get up. Meanwhile she showered herself and Kyle and got herself and Kyle ready for church. I being very grumpy, had breakfast with Kyle totally forgetting to recognize Mother's Day to Jessica.

It took me until we were pulling into church with Kyle screaming in the back seat to realize it was MOTHER'S DAY. So, to try and redeem myself I told her "Happy Mother's Day" as she wrestled Kyle out of his car seat. I don't think it took. Anyway, I did take Kyle out during Sacrament Meeting and stayed with him in nursery so Jessica could enjoy the uplifting messages of Mother's Day. As we got home, I once again failed. Instead of getting Kyle down for a nap and cleaning up lunch I fell asleep up until we had to leave to take me to work. Now finally at work I realized how much of a (word I should not use on this blog) I am!

So, here goes my little speech about my dear wife and mother of my child. Jessica is amazing. She is an amazing mother to Kyle and will be to our future children. I bet she thinks she is a mother of four these days due to the two cats needing all the extra attention and refereeing. Of course me as well, I currently have a very dysfunctional family and I can only imagine how much that must stress on her sanity. As much as I don't want to admit it, I am my mother's son, and have her same faults at times. So instead of being the ideal husband that she probably always dreamed of having, she is stuck with me and all my imperfections. That is why I love her so much, she means the world to me. I would not be the person I am now without my better half. She has the best mother qualities that I always wanted in a spouse. She has that motherly radar and knows when I need a break from our perfect little angel of a child! She knows when I lie no matter what! She knows when I need her the most and is always there. I love her with all of my heart. Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Cole

Now Kyle would like to say a few words:
Dear Mommy,
I love you very much, thank you for always wanting to play with me! Thank you for taking me to really cool places and spending time with me!

Thank you for being there when I fall down and get an owie, you always pick me up and give me loves. Most of all, thank you for being the best mommy ever!

Love, Kyle

PS. from Daddy. Jessica I guess I should return that movie you told me to return two days ago!


New Mouth to Feed!

We have a new resident.

Cole's brother Jon brought this kitten home for us yesterday. As far as we know, it's a female (according to the people giving kittens away for free outside our Walmart) but I'm not taking their word for it. When we adopted Chubs the lady told us he was a female, so he got called "she" until we took him to the vet to get spayed and found out he needed to be neutered instead. I'm hoping he wasn't scarred emotionally. :) So, for now, the kitten has a gender-androgynous name: Pumpkin.

In case you were wondering, we've gotten both of our pets' names from movie quotes. Chubs' is from Happy Gilmore: "That's pretty sick, Chubs." Pumpkin is from Hitch: "I will literally 'break your S*** off' if you ever touch me again. Okay, pumpkin?" We say "Okay, pumpkin?" all the time at our house, so it seemed like a good fit for our newest family member. I'm afraid our next pet will be named "Stuff", since we say, "Somebody's throwin' stuff" (from The Emperor's New Groove) just as frequently. :)

Anyway, it's definitely going to be an adjustment for us. We not only have to get Pumpkin acclimated to our house, but we also have to get Chubs and Pumpkin acclimated to each other. We've tried to keep them separate as much as possible, but a couple of times they've ended up in the same room, resulting in hissing, yowling, and bottle-brush tails. We got Pumpkin closed off in our laundry room to give him/her/it some time to get used to the house. Hopefully in a few days we can try to reintroduce them.

Kyle thinks Pumpkin is the greatest thing ever. He followed her around while she investigated our house, he tried to climb under chairs to pet her, he tried to climb on my lap to sit by her when I was holding her...if she stops being scared of him I think they'll be best friends!

We're taking him/her/it to get shots on Saturday so we'll know for sure of the sex by then. I don't think I can handle having 2 emotionally scarred pets. :)
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