Words, Words

I've been thinking lately about toddler communication. Kyle is in a stage right now where he repeats almost everything we say (which can be good or bad...Cole recently taught Kyle how to say "boobs", much to my chagrin.), and his vocabulary seems to have increased substantially because of it. Here's a run-down of his basic vocabulary these days:

-Mommy: Still somewhat infrequent. He tends to call me Mama most of the time.
-Daddy: What he says most frequently these days
-Papa: His name for my dad
-Ma-Mah: The first "a" is short, the second long. This is what he calls my mom.
-kitty: He says the "k" sound as a "t" though, so it sounds like "tee-tee".
-"dut": This means "truck" in Kyle-speak. He usually whispers it whenever he sees a truck, toy or otherwise.
-"nanee": I'm pretty sure this is what he calls his blanket. I guess it kinda sounds like "blankie".
-no: Another word courtesy of Cole. He actually says "no, no, no, no" and shakes his finger at me/Cole/the cat/whoever.
-"oh no"
-"help me"
-yeah: He says this more like a two-syllable word: "ye-yah".
-"ya-ya": This means water. It evolved from "ye-yah".
-football: This is his newest word. Cole taught it to him this morning.
-up: Usually whispered and drawn out. It sounds pretty scary, actually, when he says it.
-down/done: These two sound mostly the same. It's because we usually ask him if he's done/wants down after he eats at the table.
-cheese: Usually accompanied by a cheesy grin for a picture.
He still signs "please", "thank-you", "eat", "milk", and "banana".

What amazes me is how well he communicates despite having such a small vocabulary. It's typically very clear what he wants. :) I love to teach him new words--it's so cute to hear him talk!

And, since picture-less posts are boring, here's a couple pictures of my boys at the park.

Cole found some sticks and the boys were furiously sword-fighting.

Kyle stopped to give me a cheesy grin. I had to make fun of Cole for this picture--it looks like he's about to beat Kyle with that stick (he wasn't really...I promise!)


Brad and Hailey said...

Wow that's amazing! Good for him! And what cute pictures :)

Danielle and the Boys said...

goodness, he can say a lot! and thanks, you just reminded me of several words Ethan says that I had forgotten about.

That's so funny about Cole teaching him boobs. I think if Ethan could learn words as easily as Kyle, Matt would be doing the same thing. lol.

Carl and Steph said...

I didn't know you taught Kyle sign. It has helped Brady with his communication immensley. Whoever those people are that say signing makes your child slow to talk observed the rare instances. I'm conviced Brady has become more vocal because, accompanied with his signs, we understand him and that boosts confidence to try using his voice.

And I'm pretty sure Cole WAS beating his son with a stick. Lets hope it wasn't an ugly one. j/k

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