What's On My Mind...

--Why can't we be friends?
--Men gossip just as much as women do; they just don't get caught as much. Perhaps it's because it's done during activities like shooting or fishing or hunting...the manliness of the activity masks the true purpose of men getting together: to gossip like old biddies.
--Families sometimes are our worst enemies.
--Parents should love their children unconditionally. Sure, they can hate their kids' actions, but they should NEVER let their children believe they aren't loved or appreciated.
--Everyone deserves respect. Everyone should expect respect from others, ESPECIALLY the ones they love and who love them.
--Children should not be pitted against one another. They shouldn't have to fight for the love or approbation of their parents.
--No matter what anyone says, anger almost always masks upset feelings. You don't get angry about something unless it affects you deeply on a personal level.
--It's IMPOSSIBLE to apologize to someone unless you know what you've done. Otherwise, it's insincere. "I'm sorry for whatever I did to hurt you" just doesn't cut it, and I won't ever do it.
--Everyone deserves to be forgiven for their mistakes, especially if they are remorseful for them. Families should forgive each other.
--One should NEVER completely cut his/herself off from a family member without warning or reason.
--Families are forever, but they never tell you how HARD it can be.


Jon said...

What's up?

Natalie Sadler said...

Ugh. Amen.

I hope you're okay :(

Parkers said...

Sounds like a rough week... hope things start looking up!

Melinda said...

WOW! That sounds like some serious venting! I hope everything is ok and if not, I hope it all works out.

Katie said...

Sheesh, I can relate. Talk about emotional boot camp, eh? Good luck. :)

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