Quick Update

--Still love our new place.
--General Conference is this weekend. I LOVE General Conference.
--I've actually been busy at work because of General Conference. We're the closest hotel to Temple Square, so everyone and their HUGE families stay with us in addition to most of the General and Area Authorities from out of the state/country. It can be a logistical nightmare to get everyone rooms where they want to be, and it's my job to experience that nightmare. I think we'll manage, though (fingers crossed).
--Kyle has a new word: "apple". Not sure where he picked this up; he doesn't really like eating apples.
--T-minus 1 Sunday (not counting Conference Sunday) until Kyle goes to nursery. Wahoo!
--Still sick of the snow. Fortunately, we don't get as much out in our neck of the woods.

That is all.


Carl and Steph said...

Apple is a very necessary word to the toddlers vocabulary. C'mon, A is for Apple. Brady calls anything round-ish in the produce section, or anything on his plate that might look like an apple (tonight it was scalloped potatoes) a bapple, bapple (apple). I can't wait for 1st day of nursery to arrive, either. It's almost as exciting as christmas.

Danielle and the Boys said...

can't believe kyle is getting ready to go into nursery...that means the end is in sight for ethan! ;) enjoy it!

Carolyn said...

Conference is crazy for my husband, too. Because of that, it's not quite the relaxing, family-oriented weekend I always hope it will be. But we get through and then I'm so grateful to have the new messages to study for the next 6 months.

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