Kyle: The Big 1-8 (month, that is)!

Crazy how time flies! My little man is already 18 months! You know what that means...


I dropped him off on Sunday, and he seemed to be doing okay...kinda shy, but still, not screaming...so I left and went to Sunday School. Cole ran out to get his scriptures from the car...and he came back with a sniffling Kyle. Obviously Kyle wasn't that comfortable. So, I got to go to nursery, too!

Once Kyle figured out that he got snacks and he got to play with toys, he did better. I stuck around, though, just in case. It seemed like all of the other kids were light-years ahead of him developmentally, so I felt a little embarassed--apparently he wasn't as smart as I thought! Fortunately, I found out that our ward has 3 nurseries (3!) and I had brought him to the one full of almost-3-year-olds, so naturally he would be a little behind. Next week we'll take him to the right nursery, and I'm sure he'll fit right in.

Today, we took him for his 18 month check-up. He's 32 inches tall and weighs a whopping 23.5 pounds! Well, we're not that sure on the weight. He wouldn't really sit still on the scale, but we figured it's somewhere between 23 and 24 pounds. So, my child is a string bean. The doctor said he's really happy with how Kyle is growing, and that Kyle is healthy as a horse, so we're happy about that.

Kyle's cutest new thing: when we're taking pictures of him and we tell him to "say cheese", he actually obliges, and favors us with a cheesy grin, like so:

Kyle's not-so-cutest thing: he seems to have embraced his inner monkey. At the playground at our condo complex, he thinks he's big enough to climb up the ladder all by himself, like so:
*sigh* He's growing way too fast!

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