**Cue Choir of Heavenly Angels**

Today is a beautiful day.

Last night, my trusty pink RAZR flip phone gave up the ghost. How? Well, it had an unfortunate collision with my kitchen floor that proved to be more than it could handle. Somehow the wires providing power to the display screen were torn loose, so even though it still turned on and functioned, I couldn't see a thing. It happened right in the middle of texting my brother (sorry, Daniel!).

I was devastated. Ok, not totally. You see, it was pretty beat up already. I have an uncanny knack for beating the crap out of my phones. I'm surprised this one lasted nearly 2 years. Its predecessor met its untimely end in a freak accident involving a wad of papers crammed in a ginormous purse and an inconveniently placed cup of water...and I had only owned that one for a month or two. My RAZR had some pretty good dents and scrapes, but it stuck with me.

Anyway, I was just about due for an upgrade, which I have been looking forward to with quite a bit of excitement. Since my birthday was yesterday, my wonderful hubby told me he'd stop by the store and pick up a new one for me instead of make me wait another two weeks until I could upgrade. When he came to get me for lunch, there it was, in all of its brand-spanking-new glory:

Yes, folks, I'm (almost) up with the times. I am now the owner of a lovely BlackBerry Pearl 8120 in a gorgeous, frosty, light blue. I'm like a kid with a brand-new toy after Christmas. Good thing I don't have anything to do at work this afternoon: I have to figure out how to use the dang thing.
***UPDATE*** Since all of my phone numbers were saved to my RAZR instead of my SIM card (I'm a total idiot!) I lost all of my numbers. If anyone feels particularly strongly about me having his/her phone number, e-mail it to jessica.christensen@live.com so I can have it.


Danielle and the Boys said...

oh happy birthday jessica!

that's awesome about your new phone! I'm surprised my phone is still hanging in there with all the abuse it gets between Ethan and I. :knock on wood:

Lindsey said...

I'm glad that we aren't the only ones to abuse phones. The only frustrating thing about losing them is the memory! Tom and I went through three phones in two weeks last summer. Mine fell into the ocean...I could see it, but couldn't get it, Tom dropped his in the sink, and then another one got a vase full of water spilled on it...but I still love my phone. That blackberry looks complex! Glad its not me.


The Lowe's said...

I miss my RAZR phone! I used one for a few years, and did have to get it replaced a few times but I loved it anyway. A few months ago we were eligible for upgrades and got the Blackberry Pearl phones also. It was really fun with the data plan (free for 30 days) but after we cancelled it the phone became a waste. The texting is more complicated (annoying to me, but not to Allen), and don't even try to call any numbers like 1-800-goldgym or anything. It doesn't work on these phones with the letters set up as they are. I think I'm going to sell mine and go back to the razr. Good luck with yours, hope it's better than ours!

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