We've Moved!

Well, folks, it finally happened.

After almost a year of mooching off my parents, we found our own place to live. We are now the renters of a lovely condo in Eagle Mountain, and we couldn't be happier!

Here are my top 10 favorite things about our new place:

10. Two bathrooms. Sometimes, two are absolutely necessary. :)
9. Laundry room in our condo. We were spoiled by having a washer/dryer in our first apartment, so it's kind of been a "requirement" for me for any other place we live. What can I say? I'm a snob.
8. A DISHWASHER! In our first place, we didn't have one. I learned that I'd rather die a long, painful death than ever wash dishes by hand again.
7. Kyle has his own room. 'Nuff said.
6. We get to decorate and hang our pictures again!
5. We can use all of our own stuff again!
4. Big east-facing windows in all of our rooms that let in daylight virtually all day! It's really awesome. We don't really have to turn on any lights until around 7:30 or 8, which will save on electricity big time.
3. TONS of cupboard space and a huge pantry.
2. Our little patio and balcony.
1. Our GINORMOUS walk-in closet!

Kyle took to it immediately. I mean, the first time we looked at it to consider renting it, he ran right in like he owned the place (good thing we decided to take it!). He feels totally at home. The only thing that has thrown him off is sleeping at night. At my parents' house, we were all in the same room, so he got used to us being there while he slept. Now that he has his own room I think he freaks out a little that we're not right there for him. He does better in the pack n' play, so hopefully after a few nights sleeping in it we'll be able to switch him over to the toddler bed again.

I was always so opposed to living so far out west because I thought the commute to downtown would be heinous. It's actually only about 15 minutes longer than from my parents' house. Eagle Mountain is still a new development, so it's really quiet out there. Plus, there aren't a lot of city lights, so you can REALLY see the stars. There aren't a lot of fast-food options out there, so we won't be tempted to eat out a lot (DEFINITELY a good thing). AND, they're opening a Wal-Mart 5 minutes away from our place. What else could we need? :) Oh, and apparently the ward we live in has about 3 nurseries. It seems there are a lot of little families just like us out there.

There's just one problem: we forgot how to live on our own! Seriously, it's like we're starting completely over as newlyweds. I keep wishing we could have registered for gifts and had people buy things for us. :)


Natalie Sadler said...

Congrats on getting out on your own again! I imagine it's such a relief to be able to decorate again :) Does that mean you're staying for a while?

Also, do any days this week or next work for lunch? I'd still love to see you!

Brad and Hailey said...

Hey Congrats on your new place! And now you're only like 5 minutes from me! We live right off main st. Lehi off 1100 W!

The Lowe's said...

I know what you mean! We lived with Allen's family for 6 months last year and when we finally moved into our own place again it was like Christmas opening all of our boxes of things we hadn't used in months!

Congratulations! Your new place sounds wonderful.

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