I'm so thankful for the quiet moments in my life that enable me to receive information and approbation from Heavenly Father. I had one of those moments last night.

We've been extremely fortunate in the sleep department. Ever since Kyle was about 6 months old, he's been able to fall asleep on his own and stay asleep through the night. With very few exceptions (like when he's teething or not feeling well), we have storytime, prayers, and bed at 8 pm every night, and he sleeps until between 8 and 8:30 am the next morning. Even if he fusses a little when we first lay him down, he soon realizes that he is tired, and quiets down in 5 minutes or less. This is one area in which I feel I have done some good as a mother.

Last night, things were a little different. I laid him down at 8, just like always. He fussed a little when I left the room, but I expected him to calm down like he usually does. However, after about 20 minutes he was still crying, so, being a little frustrated, I went back into the room and picked him up for some snuggles. He was still pretty restless, so I sat up and rocked him, and did something I don't usually do: I started singing to him. Now, even though I have a decent enough singing voice, I rarely feel comfortable singing without accompaniment. So, I haven't sung to Kyle as much as I might like to. Last night, though, something prompted me to sing to Kyle.

I started with "I Am a Child of God," and sang through all of my favorite primary songs and many of my favorite hymns. Kyle could appreciate the novelty of it, because after a song or two, he finally laid still in my arms and just watched me as I sang to him. After about half an hour, he fell quietly to sleep.

As I was singing, I was struck with the simplicity of primary songs. I've always felt the Spirit more when singing primary songs than hymns, simply because in primary songs the messages are more direct and easier to understand, and therefore more piercing. Last night was no different. I felt the comforting embrace of the Holy Ghost, and I know his presence calmed Kyle's spirit as well as my own. I realized I was in part fulfilling a promise in my patriarchal blessing that I would teach my children the gospel by precept and by example. Even though Kyle is young, he absorbs everything around him like a sponge, and I know he understood what I was singing to him. I know if I sing to him he'll grow up loving primary songs and hymns just like I do. Even though this was a departure from our typical bedtime routine, everything turned out the way it needed to.

I know I'll never be nominated for Mother of the Year, but last night, Heavenly Father let me know that I was doing just fine. And that revelation made all the difference to me.

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Natalie Sadler said...

I love singing to Copeland, and I like thinking he likes it, too. Good thing he doesn't know what good pitch is :)

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