Random Thought for the Day

You know what word I hate?


As in, "I'm __ weeks prego!"
(Like it's so hard to say "pregnant".)

Do you know what my first impression is when I hear that someone is "prego"?

One of these:
Or possibly some of this:
Or even those two things together. GROSS.
So, if you come up to me and tell me excitedly that you're "prego", don't be offended if I cringe. It's not at the thought of you procreating but at the thought of waffles covered in tomato sauce.


Mindy said...

haha I love it Jessica, I'm not a fan of that word either.

Danielle and the Boys said...

hahaha...guess what jessica? I'm prego.

I use it on the internet because i'm too lazy to type out pregnant. but i don't use it when i'm actually talking to somebody in real life.

if you prefer, I could use Pregnor. Because thats what Matt calls me (as in Trogdor the burninator but rather I'm Pregnor the Babinator). Either way, both are going to bring up images... :)

Natalie Sadler said...


Actually, did you know there's a PREGO spaghetti sauce? It's actually quite delicious :)

Somebody at work called me prego. And I hated every minute of it.

The Lowe's said...

I totally agree! I hated when people would say "oh, you're preggo!" Or even "preggers". Nope.. just say pregnant please!

Cole, Jessica, and Kyle said...

HA! I like Pregnor. I think I'll refer to myself as such when I'm pregnant again.

Ian Falkner said...

Jessica your killing me. That is the funniest thing ever! Preggers is the best though! Its all because of Juno!

Parkers said...

Jeff and I were talking about that very thing just the other day! In fact, I believe I said "You know what word I hate? PREGO". Jeff said something to the effect of "Isn't that a spaghetti sauce"?

We're on the same wave length here.

Jeff and Ruth said...

I totally agree. Why won't people just say the word pregnant?

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