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(Just so everyone knows, this is Cole, Jessica's husband.)

I just have to say a few words about Jessica my wonderful wife. I have been reading our blog posts, and the majority of the posts are Jessica, and he majority of those posts are of Jessica sharing her opinion. One of the most incredible aspects of our marriage is that we can agree to disagree. Now most of the time I agree with her because I don't understand half of the "smart" words she uses, but that is fine by me. She is probably reading this right now critiquing everything in this blog, I might purposely misspell some words just to get a rise out of her. Jessica and I have some very great ongoing debates such as which is the better hotel company, which is of course Hilton. Also like who snores louder at night, which is definitely Jessica. No, but seriously, Jessica is very good at forming a valid neutral argument and which voices her deepest thoughts on the subject, and at no time has she ever told me that I am wrong for thinking a certain way, she has just leaves it at we agree to disagree. I am not saying Jessica is completely opened minded all the time, she is very stubborn sometimes, hence why we have a very stubborn and independent 16 month old child. I as well, am very stubborn, probably more so than Jessica, and am not as calm and collected when it comes to open debate.

My point being, Jessica is an amazing woman with an amazing new found talent for blogging on critical and political issues. Using her friends posts and making a mostly fair stance on the topic, and expanding her feelings on it. Usually resulting in seven to ten people posting comments on it. I find this a very good skill, that she could go far in a career doing. She would be a great opinion columnist. I would like everyone who does read past and future posts (stay tuned, she has a great one coming up next) by my blog crazy opinionated wife, know that she is an amazing wife and an amazing mother, minus the snoring. She does this because she loves to hear other peoples opinion on the matter, to help her further her opinion on the same matter. I have seen her opinion be changed by other people's blogs more than once. She is the driving force behind our little family. I love her so much, and can't imagine my life without her. She lifts me up, and shows me what I can be, what I want to be. She has never told me that I can't do something. I know this whole post might sound like a giant cheesy ball, but I had to say it.

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