Kyle's First Major Booboo!

*Post By Cole*

So Jessica's mom and I were going to surprise Jessica at this new restaurant we have been wanting to try. We got Kyle in the car and met Jessica there. It was amazing. Long story short, I go to work and the next text I get is with this picture:

I guess shortly after I left Kyle was enjoying himself climbing on the bench and got too close to the edge and slipped, hitting his head on the corner of the table. Jessica's mom caught Kyle before he hit the ground, luckily. They immediately got a napkin and band-aid to stop the bleeding, and headed to the nearest Instacare. The first one they got to said they could get him in at 5:30pm, two hours later. Great service! Anyway, they took him to a different one and they got him right in. Luckily no stitches, just a little glue and he was all set.
I think Kyle is making this face because of the numbing gel they put on his head. We love you Kyle! Hopefully this will teach you not to stand so close to the edge.
*Note from Jessica: Kyle actually bounced back really well. By the time we got to the doctor, he was his cheerful, happy self. Of course, he didn't so much like being held down for the glueing process...

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Melinda said...

Poor Kyle! and poor Jessica. Injuries are never much fun for the injured or the mom. But don't the scars make the man? (or something like that) (Jaxon is looking at the computer saying "Kyle! Kyle!)

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